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About my services

I only give to my clients straightforward to the point un-sugarcoated honesty, but with compassion and non-judgemental answers in their readings with me; you will never feel like you’re wasting time with me; comfortability, understanding, connection & satisfaction is my highest priority with each and every client, you can definitely count on me for honesty, compassion, clarity & satisfaction absolutely. ••• PLEASE! when ordering a video reading, please leave it 2 questions MAX, per video... there’s only 3 minutes exactly to cover every aspect in question, the more questions asked the less I’ll be able to touch on those questions, in-depth and with detail, if you apply more than the maximum amount I will not answer them unless in a new order, thank you for understanding!. ••• 🚫NO pregnancy questions - 🚫NO legal issues or matters - 🚫NO third party readings for a friend - 🚫absolutely NO passed on loved ones - 🚫NO social media/Dating Site questions - 🚫NO general readings - 🚫NO details on what another advisor had told/advised you on ❗️❗️❗️ I AM NOT HERE TO PLAY “test the psychic” IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO WHATEVER QUESTIONS YOU DESIRE TO ASK ME, BUT LIE JUST TO SEE THE OUTCOME PLEASE SEEK ANOTHER READER, DO NOT WAIST MY TIME❗️❗️❗️ I’m here to give clarity and insight to all your problematic situations as well as advice for the best possible positive path for you & your surroundings, throughout any circumstance and or situation you may be undergoing, my advice is not personal opinion, but insight given to me to help you avoid the biggest obstacles presented to you, to find better balance and peace However I am very friendly and understanding with each & every one of my clients, if for whatever reason you may feel that we are not connected in any way, as I understand I may not be for everyone, please speak up the moment you feel this way, not many moments, hours and or weeks later, I’d more than understand and appreciate your honesty!


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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