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⏳15+ years experience ⏳ 💕 Relationship and Career 💕 ❣️Break up and Love Expert❣️ 💜💜 MY SERVICES:(What you can expect when you connect with me) If you have questions regarding: • Love and Relationship •Relationship Management •Should I hang on or move on? * Freedom and Honesty in a relationship •Best career path to choose! •How to take a relationship to the next level? • Personal fulfillment and happiness. Buzz me and I will work with you to accomplish all that is for your highest good. My readings are based on your current energy and the results dependent on your actions and choices, as advised by the higher consciousness. The best results will come by having a meaningful conversation with me and asking very specific questions. Give me an honest brief about your situation , without playing any guessing games, that's not what we are here for! ⏳🕰️Timelines : "WHEN" is never a good question to ask...but if you do ask it, remember that timelines are always broad based and never set in always allow room for flexibility as they are influenced by a multitude of factors and free will of a whole lot of other people connected to the situation! 💜💜 NO Medical, Legal or Pregnancy Questions please. I am always here for you in your time of need. When you are upset, feel free to make me your sounding board. I believe compassion and love can heal the most intense hurts..and I'm here to offer it to you. Please respect other readers viewpoint, I do not appreciate being asked to verify what others say or being compared to other readings. Use the comments section only for any clarifications on the reading already done For further questions, please book another reading. Love and Light Namaste 🙏 💜💜


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