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Please read BIO fully before ordering thank you so much 🎊Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June I have an unpredictable weekend so will be on and off when possible and in the moment only sorry 🎊 🚨Please only come to me if you want to hear what I have to say with an open mind. I read what the person is thinking and feeling then the outcome. If thats not ok please dont call. Timeframes are are based on current thought process at the time and can change. Sometime I am not comfortable with providing a timeframe so please if you push me it may not be accurate. I will tell you directly if I feel the outcome has changed. This way there is no negative energy created between us 🚨 🌞 I wont be answering in the message box to make it fair and give everyone an opportunity to get through. I am sorry but will be ignoring the message box please dont take advantage or make it uncomfortable for both of us best to add as much time as needed to get all the answer needed. NO EXCEPTIONS Please dont leave updates as your review I wont be coming on leave me a normal review please I have asked this on a number of occasions. 🛑 I dont give false hope I share my vision if you are not happy with my reading please do not come back as its not fair on either of us. If the relationship is broken between us I will not be reading for you as I feel it’s not fair for either of us to have to go through the anxiety or the negativity. I also reserve the right not to read for you without explanation so wont answer in the message box. I wish you all the best in the future. There are many other readers on this platform that are gifted and will be able to assist you. God bless you. 🛑 ‼️‼️ Please dont leave a review with your updates I have asked for this a number of times moving forward I wont be jumping on if an update is left. If you simply ask me to come on I will accommodate otherwise I wont be sorry. Alot people leave updates as reviews and this isnt purpose and also forget to change it when a request is made to do so, its not good energy either ‼️‼️ ‼️Also please read or listen to your reading prior to leaving a review also if you call again and offer to change the review I will not be reading for you the relationship is broken already sorry‼️ 🗣️If you are reading with multiple advisors you will sometimes get different guidance, please do not blame me for seeing a different outcome than other advisors nor am I going to comment in what others say I will only share my vision 🗣️ ABOUT MY READINGS PLEASE READ THE BELOW BEFORE CALLING. 🌹 We do alot out of anxiety and we feel we are following when we are not, Sorry. I am here to help but please follow what i am saying in order to get the result. If you have negativity in your mind we never see positive changes. We need to believe and be positive and believe it will happen. 🌹 🧘🏽‍♀️Never do things in anger or out of anxiety. It can makes things worse always think twice before acting. In some cases also effect the outcome please please handle anxiety and think!!! There are solutions but you need to calm and think!!! Please remember I get busy too and I do appreciate you need me but sometimes its not possible 🧏🏽‍♀️If you don’t listen to my guidance or half listen or use your free will. I can not be blamed for things going wrong and it’s not fair as I will guide you the best I can but can not control your actions. So please trust and follow my guidance fully to get the best result!! The people that are getting what they want listen and follow 100%. I am not wrong if you dont listen and then expect the same outcome in the same timeframe sorry things changes based on your actions. If you dont feel comfortable then please dont come to me there are others you may feel more comfortable with thank you ⏰Timeframes and advice is given if you dont follow than please expect the same outcome. Also at that point timeframes can change please be mindful of that… timeframes are fluid and can change so please remember that thanks⏰ Are given in numbers so I will say within X time when I pick one up. So for example when I say a months its within a month 💭 I will require names and DOBs to connect quickly. If you don’t have this information I will need a picture which is a plan picture no personal details or identifier 💭 🧠 Please note I can not answer something you don’t ask, so naturally it will lead to lack of detail or generic. I am here to help so please ask what’s on your mind and what you need to know. This will allow you to be satisfied as much as possible. Please ask one question at a time and allow me to answer that. Also when asking about multiple parties it takes a minute to clear the energy and connect to the next so 5 minutes isn’t enough. So please bare that in mind when calling 🧠 ⭐️ Please note that on a rare occasion I may ask you to hang up so I can connect and provide a better reading. Please do not call if you are not happy with this!! This will help you as it save time and allow me to connect better ⭐️ POLICY REMINDERS: 🚨 Please dont share any personal details or details of social media accounts its against PO policy and so please be mindful when sharing pictures I will report anyone in violation of this policy. Thank you in advance🚨 🎈I work on PO and you will only be able to connect to me via here sorry 🎈 👋🏽 polite notice please can you not leave reviews as updates on your situation thanks in advance. Also asking me to come on line moving forward I will be ignoring those requests. Call me to update me as its not fair to others 👋🏽 I do love to help you but I do get busy as well. ❗️Please note if you leave a negative review and then come back for a reading I will not be reading for you sorry. I appreciate sometimes we do things out of anxiety, and things are now happening as seen so you need more guidance. There are delays sometimes and somethings do go off track however I will stand by my prediction and the end result, if I felt anything wasnt going to work out I would tell you. Thank you and god bless you❗️ 🔮 24 hour orders please note that I will answer a total of 2 follow up questions no more please read this before placing the order. I get a number of orders and its hard to keep up and unfair to others. Please dont advantage of the message box. Only stick to the topics you have asked about no new topics. ⚠️ Please note that I can decline to do a reading as this will benefit all involved. I will only do this if I can not connect or feel negativity.... or previously got a negative review from the client!!! I will provide ways to speed things up so if you are not open to this please do not order!!! If you leave a negative review and decide to come back please note that I will not read for you even if you offer to update the review as the negativity is there and it wouldn't be fair to you or myself. However there are many talented people on the site whom can help you through your problems ⚠️ I am here to help you through those difficult moments in your life. Every problem has an answer and I am here to guide and support you. Clear all of that confusion and for have a bright future. Say good bye to those sleepless nights and not knowing. Call me today for honest and a real insight into your future. I look forward to hearing from you. 🌹 I have the right not read for you if you have been rude and aggressive in the past. Please respect my energy and if you are not happy my previous reading please dont come back. I find it hard to help people that are not willing to listen or help themselves.🌹 ⭐ If you want an advisor to you tell what you want to hear then I am not the advisor for you... please find someone else!! I only tell you what I see and its not fair to leave a negative review as result ⭐ God bless and hope to speak to you soon.


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