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Good Day Dear One 💝 Please Read 👀 This is how I'll spend our first 3 Minutes Together 💜👁️💜 ♒🔮😇💞 I will use Your Birthdate, and if asking about someone else, Their Birthdate as well, to get a Base Reading - No Third Party Inquiries - (Astrology-Numerology). Then I'll Draw Cards for more Specific Answers (Oracle Guidance). I will also be tuning in to Our Spirit Teams for Additional Advice and Clarity (Angel-Spirit-Transpersonal Insights). I am honored and truly appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your Spirit Team to offer guidance and validation when you need it most 🔮 I have multiple tools in my Spiritual Toolkit which I can count on to deliver quick and accurate advice and suggestions 😇 My sessions are filled with unconditional Love and nonjudgmental Light all for the purpose of holding space for you to receive the Spirit Winks you most require at this time 🦄 Reach out to me for: 😇 Messages ✨ Validation 🔮 Guidance 💫 Please decide on 1-2 questions or topics you are really wanting guidance on so that I can answer those in a more in depth manner in the 3 minutes I have to deliver it to you 🙏 🌟 Remember, Free Will is Always at Play and The Universe Only Wants the Highest and Best Good to Come Your Way - And So It Is 💜 As Always, I'm Sending You Love, Light, and Eternal Blessings 💞🕯️😇


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