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🔱🧿🔱🧿🔱🧿🔱🧿🔱🧿🔱🧿🔱🧿🔱🧿 PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME 🙂 ⚔️BEWARE THAT IM 100% HONEST IN WHAT I SEE I DONT SUGARCOAT WHAT I SEE SO IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CANT HANDLE IM NOT THE RIGHT READER FOR YOU , THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED ⚔️IF I PICK UP YOUR VERY IN A RUSH/ANXIOUS/HIGHLY UPSET ENERGIES TO GET ANSWERS WHILE IN CALL READING I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO READ YOU & MOST LIKELY LET U KNOW I CANT READ U AT THE MOMENT , I NEED YOU TO BE RELAXED I UNDERSTAND SOME WANT TO GET UR MONEYS WORTH BUT WITH THESE RUSH ENERGIES IT REALLY IS A THROW OFF IN A PSYCHIC LEVEL AND DOESNT HELP ANY PSYCHIC TO GIVE U THE BEST READING IN GENERAL 💕87-90% accuracy just FYI no psychic is 100% accurate its the reality 💕 DEPENDING ON WHO I READ I DONT REALLY NEED TAROT SOMETIMES I JUST USE MY 3RD EYE NO TOOLS 🛑PLEASE BE AWARE ITS ONLY 1 QUESTION PER VIDEO THEIRS ONLY SO LITTLE TIME ALLOWED TO ANSWER SO MANY QUESTIONS IN ONE VIDEO THANK YOU 👉🏽THE COMMENT BOX IS IF YOU NEED CLARITY FROM THE 1 QUESTION YOU ASKED F/U ONLY 💜 🔴IF I CANT MATCH YOUR ENERGY I WILL LET YOU KNOW I CANT READ YOU JUST BEING HONEST IT HAPPENS VERY RARELY THO FYI ❌NO PREGNANCY QUESTIONS 🚫IF YOU LEAVE A BAD REVIEW I WONT READ YOU NO LONGER ESPECIALLY IF THE REASON IS FOR LETTING YOU KNOW THE TRUTH & YOU CANT HANDLE IT MEANING IM NOT THE READER FOR YOU 😃IF IM GAZING OFF IN A VIDEO SERVICE ITS JUST BECAUSE IM FOCUSING IN THE VISIONS I RECEIVE/ OR LISTENING 👂IT CAN COME OFF SERIOUS OR FOCUSED LOL 😝 I DO SMILE ITS JUST THAT IM TUNING IN YOU GUYS I use astrology as well in my readings tarot reader expert as I use my cards to guide me I also use my CLAIRVOYANCE which is my main tool ,I provide 100% truth my goal is to help you in the correct direction ,you’ll be satisfied with my readings which offer great wisdom ▶️Full Year Reading ( only by call ) 💠we will talk about your current energy (Aura/chakras)and the energy for this year , career , goals , love , events predictions ,money , people around you and how they can affect your energy and lastly what would your spirit guides like to let you know , and questions if you have any ▶️Aura/Chakra Reading (Text & Call only ) 💠we will go over all the colors I see in your aura and your chakra any strings attached, blockages and how can we remove it to better your life Mediumship Readings Requirements 🛑NO MEDIUMSHIP READINGS BY STANDARD/RUSH ORDER🛑 🙏ONLY BY CALL OR VIDEO SESSIONS 🙏if i cannot connect with their soul most likely its not the right time to seek him ill let you know as well you would get a refund


Astrology & Horoscopes, Psychic readings, Dream analysis

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