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Hello and Welcome! Sending Angel Blessings and Light to all who read this! You are so worthy of true love! 💗 I am a Highly-Sensitive Empath and Earth Angel. This means I am strongly connected to the Angelic realm and came to Earth at this time to use my connection with the Angels and my ability to feel others’ emotions to teach and share messages about love. We are all worthy of unconditional love. Unfortunately, sometimes the stress and pressure of everyday life can make it hard to receive this love we all crave. If you have questions about love and relationships (romantic, family, friends, etc.), I’m here to help you receive the answers and guidance from your Angels and Guides. Is this you? Do you wonder, “Does he or she really like me?” “Where is this relationship headed?” Wondering why he can’t commit? Does he pull away? Does it seem like you have to chase him? Wondering why you keep falling for the wrong guy? Wondering when you will find Mr. Right? I’m here to help bring answers and clarity around your relationships and love life! How can I help? With my powerful Channeling abilities, I receive messages and guidance from your Angels and Guides. As an empath, I tune into you and your (potential) partners feelings, wants and how you see each other. I can tell you if the relationship is really worth your time, if it’s what you really want, if you’ll get your needs met, and what his feelings are now and if they will change over time. If you want, I can share how you can experience true happiness and true love in a relationship. We all deserve true love. Don’t you want to know how you can move past what’s been blocking you from finding it? Limits – One person or relationship per order please. I only answer one to two follow-up questions per order. Thank you for your understanding! 😊🙏 Timing Questions – The Angels and I do not give specific timelines as to when things will occur. We speak of the likely potential based on how the people involved feel and are thinking in the present and how they will likely feel in the future, with understanding and respect for each person’s free will. What the Angels and I are all about - We can help you: 💗 process emotions, 💗 Uncover other people’s intentions, 💗 know what will feel the best for you, 💗 know what’s for your highest good, 💗 live your best life, 💗 have the best outcome


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