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Hey, I'm Tara. I'm a highly accurate, deeply attuned psychic medium and healer. I care a lot about this work, and I take readings seriously. I expect kindness, and I don't do follow-up Qs because I give such thorough answers in videos. I'm an optimistic person, but I also have chronic illness so I'm very aware of life's tough realities. This makes me a very grounded and balanced reader. I don't believe in a fixed future. I think life us more 50/50, a mix of the divine plan & free will. My intention is always to bring through support from Spirit so that you can put your best energy into your present situation. So you feel confident and trusting in your next steps. 🤗 ❌🖤❌ READING LIMITS: no death or legal questions, health (per PO guidelines), lost items, celebrities, specific timelines on demand or looks of a hypothetical person, and third parties not in significant connection with you. The rest of my bio is optional but might help you feel whether or not I'm the right fit. _______________________________ We'll be an ideal team if you agree with the following: ▪️ You trust that you feel called to work with me for a reason, and you can be positive and kind. ▪️ You can talk to me as you would a friend you care about and who cares about you. ▪️ You'll stay open to the idea that the future isn't fixed, your path changes and so do timelines. ▪️ You trust that the powerful readings I bring through via video or live features are enough, and you won't expect more support in the follow-up section. (If you need this, I'm not the reader for you. With my chronic illness and pain, it's a lot to take on messaging along with readings.) Things about my readings/style: 🕰⏳🗓 I give timelines ONLY when Spirit gives them to me. Yep, only. Sometimes, the decisions haven't been made or the actions taken, and timelines simply aren't there. 💌 💌 No follow-up questions. I work for short, focused spaces of time and give you my very best. 🌟 My intention in every reading is to bring you guidance that supports you to make clear decisions, to heal and grow, and to understand and do the best you can with your life now. 💪 I believe in free will and personal autonomy. I trust in Spirit to bring through what you need at this time. I just humbly ask Spirit to let me hear what I can bring through to support and guide you. And honestly, I think you can feel it when a reader works the way I do. You might feel ultra calm, or chills, or a knowing feeling. Trust that, AND trust when a reader gives you the feeling like NOPE 👎 because that's your intuition. I'm honored to work with you. See you soon. 💫 Tara ❌🖤❌ READING LIMITS: no death or legal questions, health (per PO guidelines), lost items, celebrities, specific timelines or looks of a hypothetical person, or third parties not in significant connection with you.


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