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Hello, thanks for reading my profile!! 🤗 I'm Tara. I've loved spiritual work since I was 4 years old. I was lucky- my grandmother did this work, and supported me in my gifts, seeing them and nurturing them even while I was very young. In readings, I'm optimistic, expect kindness and respect, and I'm here to support you, with Spirit. 💖 ✨ I'm mainly clairvoyant and claircognizant- meaning the information flows in like visions, or a knowingness, as words I can see or hear in my mind. I work directly with your Guides and mine, asking permission from them to connect with you and the situation at hand. 🙏 I ask for clear, supportive information that is for your highest and best at this time. For being a psychic, I'm a grounded and balanced person. I don't believe that the future is fixed! I believe it's like looking through a prism at different possibilities: 👁️✨👁️ I'm reading one of the current possibilities, from my viewpoint and connection, based on the choices, actions, and spiritual plan of everyone involved. I DO believe that everyone- and every situation- in your life can be a teacher and catalyst for your growth if you're open to the lessons. Part of my work is to help you move through those lessons, growing and transforming on your path. I truly love this work. I'm so honored to get to connect with you and your Spirit Team!!! ✨🫶😇 See you soon. 💫 Tara _______________________________ I'm a great reader for you if you: ▪️ Trust that you feel called to work with me for a reason ▪️ Enjoy personal and spiritual growth ▪️ Can be positive and kind. ▪️ Want kind guidance on the next best step you can take on your path right now Things about my readings/style: 🕰⏳🗓 I give timelines only when Spirit gives them to me. 💌 💌 Follow-up questions are for clarity only. No new Q's. 💪 I believe in free will and personal autonomy. ✨ I believe your choices and intentions shape your life, and life plays out in a 50/50 of meant-to-be + your decisions and actions, a beautiful mix of the divine plan & free will. 🔮 Readers don't know everything. We can only do our best to bring the messages through, through the lens of our own EDUCATION and EXPERIENCES. Trust yourself to take from a reading what feels useful, positive, and supportive. If a reading (or reader!) makes you feel off, you get to say "Not for me." And leave that advice or counsel behind. Find readers that resonate and feel right for you. ❌🖤❌ READING LIMITS: no death or legal questions, sexual predictions, spying on others' relationships, health (per PO guidelines), lost items, celebrities, specific timelines on demand or looks of a hypothetical person, and third parties not in significant connection with you.


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