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Spiritual Strategist
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🔮 Welcome 👽, 🦄 and kindred Spirits💜 ✨ Hit the 🛎 to be notified of when I am on ✨ Services: 🌙 Love/Romance Readings 🌙 Identifying Spiritual Blockages 🌙 Career & Finance Readings 🌙 Spiritual guidance - outlining the path for your highest good 🤍 If I am unavailable I highly recommend Clarity With Cody here on Purple Ocean for a male perspective. ✨: My goal is to provide you with as much clarity as possible so you can make the best choices moving forward ✨ 🔮 The future is not set in stone. What does this mean? We can make changes in the now in order to create the outcome we want in the future, my goal is to help you understand what path is best for your highest good 💫 ✨ Note: I very much want to be able to give everyone a incredibly accurate reading! So I do reserve the right to not read if I feel the connection is not there OR a negative review has been left. ✨Please be respectful of my time/energy as a reader and human being. ✨ Psychic Bombing: Please ask 1 question at a time in live chats. I cannot focus on career, love, etc. in 5 minutes. Thank you! ✨Third Party Situations/Testing The Psychic: Please be up front and clear if this is a third party situation. I can work through the cards to see this or save you time and money when we are able to get to the core of the issue with everything in context. I DON’T offer readings on the following: 🚫Legal Matters 🚫Health 🚫 Lottery ✨ Timeframes: Are possible to get but please know that they are not always available to me from spirit. As always, timeframes are never set in stone they can shift due to free will and energies shifting. The more you attach yourself to a timeframe the more you push that timeframe away 💫 ✨The more specific the question, the better I am able to give clear and precise information in return. ✨ Reviews: Leaving a bad review for any reason because you didn’t like what they had to say is unethical. • ask for clarity first • be clear on your concerns • be kind (we are human too...kind of 👽😜)! 💗Thank you for choosing me as your reader, I feel truly honored to provide you a reading💗


Psychic readings, Love readings, Tarot readings

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