Alissa Lorien

Energy Reader
9.7h average response
99.7% on-time delivery

About my services

I provide advice, guidance, mental healing, destiny and future predictions. There is no problem without a solution, and I can give you the answer you are looking for, even though I won't lie to you no matter what I see or feel, I'll tell you everything, positive or negative. I always focus on what is the best path you can choose. I'm a love expert, energy reader and I can feel if there is a soulmate connection between you and another person. I won't judge you no matter what, you can find in me emotional support and honesty. I use tarot cards in my reading sessions so I can connect better with your situation. I won't sugarcoat anything, I will bring you clarity, true predictions and different directions. Please know that sometimes is hard to hear the truth, but it will help you make wiser decisions. If you feel lost, confused, negative or frustrated, come to me, you will find the mental healing you are looking for.


Astrology & Horoscopes, Love readings, Tarot readings

Ratings and reviews

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