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clairvoyant, intuitive, mystic and angel healer. I welcome all questions that are in accordance with the few exceptions listed below.🍀 💖If you place a video reading please expect only ONE follow up question to be answered! - beyond that you need to place a new request 🦄Please avoid placing an order if the TRUTH is something that scares you.I do not sugar coat and my readings are very to the point and can touch something deep. Hi! I am Sneha Trikaa clairvoyant and intuitive, the founder and owner of -Tarot Withh Love -an intuitive business which was born out of passion and the urge to serve and love. With over 10 years of successful intuitive guidance across the globe, tarot withh love has empowered and given a voice to many souls. With the vision to be the LIGHT and spread positivity. I go quite in depth to uncover what the problem is from all angles this helps me give you more insight, and also helps you see where you can begin to solve the problem from within- I shine light on the depths of the soul. I do not give advice on: 🐈I do not read for pets 🧿 legal matters 🧿health related 🧿pregnancy 🧿gambling or betting results ☀️ Divorce 💚 I do not read on loved ones who have passed. 🔱 no lost and found predictions


Psychic readings, Love readings, Tarot readings

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