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Directly from Glastonbury - the Isle of Avalon and the Heart Chakra of Earth. 🧚‍♀️ 🥰 PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE ORDERING 🥰 Specialities - 😇 Messages from your Guides 🦄 Messages from your Totem Animals 🥰 Connection Viewing- how do they feel and what are their intentions? (Please don't ask if you don't want the truth!) 🚩Figuring out issues or potential issues 🌈 Chakra Block Check (includes secondary chakras!) with recommendations for crystals etc. ❓Decision Making - have two or more choices to choose between? Let me show you what you need to know about your choices. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 ‼IMPORTANT INFO‼ ☯️ I am here to help and work with you. Please be honest with me and yourself. Do not ask questions if you are not prepared to receive an answer you may not want, and please do not play "Test the Psychic". I am here to co-create your reading with you and you will get a deeper reading by giving more context! ⭐ For 24-hour & Rush Readings, we only get 3 minutes to record, so please only ask a single question about one area of life only (e.g. love, career, etc) This is so I am able to give you all the information and guidance you are worthy of ❤ ⭐ Yes/No questions are not always guaranteed to have a clear cut answer due to certain nuances. A more expansive question is likely to have a more expansive answer! If you need help with your question, please do ask me! ⏰ TIMINGS - The future is not set in stone but I will relay the timing for something I see if you ask. There are multiple timelines, and based on your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, these can shift. You have the power and you are always free to ask how to make something happen quicker! 💏 RELATIONSHIP READINGS - I need to have context of your relationship (strangers, friends, married, etc) and how long you have known each other. These things can change the meanings of the cards dramatically. ❓ ONE clarification question is allowed per recorded reading. Any new questions will need a new reading ❤ 🚫 WHAT I DON'T DO 🚫 ❌ I do not currently offer remote viewing/finding lost items etc. ❌ Legal, health (including pregnancy), financial decisions. and spells/curses are strictly not allowed. ❌ Third party readings I.e. "How does Sophie feel about my ex-boyfriend?" This can be a very disempowering question. I would much rather help you figure out a question that will be of more help to you! ❤ ❌ I do not currently offer mediumship for passed loved ones.


Astrology & Horoscopes, Love readings, Tarot readings

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