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If you want an honest, detailed and ACCURATE reading, you’ve come to the right place. I will always give you the truth, be it good or bad. So if you purchase my services, I ask that you trust my guidance. PLEASE COME TO THE READING WITH AN OPEN MIND. IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS DO NOT ASK FOR GUIDANCE. ‼️ABOUT TIMEFRAMES‼️ I can give you the approximate timeframe that the cards share with me. It’s IMPORTANT to know though that since your future isn’t written in stone, the timeframe CAN change!! This doesn’t mean that the reading was wrong and the outcome won’t happen. It’s more likely just been delayed because someone in the situation made a different choice along the way. Remember, we have FREE WILL! Please don’t leave a negative review if the timeframe changed since this is completely out of my control. IF YOU ARE ORDERING A PRE-RECORDED VIDEO: 🔮 I have a high volume of requests so please keep the description short. First names, dob and a brief summary of the situation will suffice. There’s no need for you to record a video for me, but if you feel like doing so, please keep it under 1 minute. 🔮 Since we only have 3 minutes, I can only answer 2 questions per video and they have to be about the same subject. 🔮 Due to a high volume of video orders I cannot answer any follow up questions after the video has been delivered. If you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to book another reading with you! 💜 Please keep in mind 💜 ❌ I cannot answer any questions about legal or medical matters since they are a direct violation of T&C. 🎴I always use cards to help guide me through the reading but I don’t solely rely on them. As a claircognizant psychic, I’m constantly receiving images and information about your situation as I read for you.


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