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As far as divination goes, ⭐️There is no 100% in readings ⭐️Future predictions are based on current energies (Things May shift, but the overall energy will stay the same) Do indicate if you prefer Psychic/Tarot or a mix of both. The numbers of cards I pull are intuitive. A 20card reading can be done with just 3-5 cards. I Do not fluff my readings to give you the answers you want. I will be Honest & I tell it however im shown via both my guides & yours or throught Angels, fairies & the source. 80% divine 20% advisor I provide ❤️ Psychic Tarot Readings ❤️ Animal Readings ❤️ Relationship & Life coaching ❤️ Past Life Readings ❤️ Mediumship (Connect w A Passed Loved one) For animal & mediumship readings please log on only simply via live chat and at least 10min My works are mainly psychic readings topped with tarot. I only use cards if I feel prompted. ⭐️ Please take note ⭐️ 🚨NO HEALTH / LEGAL RELATED QN🚨 💎 For Regular 3mins Orders i accept up to 2 questions per order. 💎 Do note that if you are seeking for general readings, (eg: how is my future going to look like, how will my life me in the future) a 3min Regular video will not give me enough time to give you a detailed and accurate reading. 💎 For General readings please do so through voice / video calls only. 💎 i do not and will not sugar coat my words, and will only provide you with clear messages base on your current energy. 💎 Timeframes are subjective, but if i do, they are based off your current emotions & energies, & may shift from time to time base on your decisions & freewill and rite of path. That is why i always believe that with love and patience, realigment & grounding, good things and positive outcomes will come smoothly and effortlessly before you even know it. 💎 please provide me with your full name and dob, like wise for the person that ur asking. I do not necessarily need a picture but it will be a better way to connect with you so that i can see the energy around it. 💎 my goal is to be able to better guide you through your current situations by providing clarity & serenity. 💎 do understand that you only ask 1 question at a time and one person at a time. 💗 do not worry for i am non judgmental, i will only tell you what my card wants to tell you. Trust me and my cards for we are here to help you😊 most importantly,believe in yourself.


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