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💗 Complete honesty, Non-violence, empathy & a sincere desire to help.💗 I want you to feel empowered to move forward with confidence and trust in yourself. 🙏💗 I offer REALISTIC insights into your situation so that the choices you make are well-informed. YOU HAVE REAL POWER. The Divine wants us to own our power for ourselves & offers insights to empower each of us. ✨💗 Ask me questions about: ❤️Relationships 🧡Interpersonal dynamics 💛Family 💚Work 💙Career 💜Spiritual growth 🚫HEALTH QUESTIONS 🚫LEGAL QUESTIONS 🚫NEW QUESTIONS AFTER THE READING I get answers using: 🃏 Tarot Cards 🦴 Bone Casting 🍀Lenormand 👑Kipper Cards 🎴Oracle Cards 🎲 Die Casting 🧮 Numerology 💫 Astrology ⌛️ABOUT TIMING & TIMELINES: ⏳ 🕰 Timing isn’t alway helpful & I’m not great at it. Things can change very fast & NOTHING is set in stone. Please don’t ask me about timing unless you are willing to settle for my best guess! 👍💗✨ 🙏TRUTH & ACCOUNTABILITY ❤️ I will tell you the truth. I will describe how I got the answers & tell you when I’m not sure about something. 🔮ALL CLIENTS: 🙏 PLEASE— NO NEW QUESTIONS AFTER THE READING! 😱 If I’m not too busy with readings, I’m very HAPPY TO ANSWER CLARIFYING QUESTIONS about what we already spoke about WITHIN THE READING. If you have further questions you may request a follow-up or extend our minutes. 🙏❤️ THANK YOU FOR RESPECTING THIS REQUEST! 😄🙏💗


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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