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Hello, thank you for checking out my profile! 🥰 ❗️LIVE CHAT, please do not rush the reading I like to be detailed in my responses and I do pull cards so I’m shuffling as we text. 🔮 I am an intuitive empath and I use my own intuition first followed by tarot cards to give a reading. ☀️ I use the tarot to get a better understanding of the situation. I also will use oracle cards depending on the situation. ⏳⌛️ Time frames are a little hard to predict as things are subject to change in free will, but I will give it my best shot. 💎 I love crystals so please ask if you’re interested. ♏️ Astrology is fascinating to me, but please understand that it’s more than just your sun sign. 🚫🩺🦠 I am not able to give readings about medical issues, pregnancy, legal matters, or Covid. ☯️ Readings are best done about you or your POI. With that said please don’t ask me to do a reading without another persons permission (ex-“when will my daughter find a husband?”). That’s peeping into another’s window and not really ethical. ⚡️ Please allow time between each reading for things to come to fruition. 🧿 Lastly, please don’t leave a negative review because you didn’t get the answer you wanted. We are advisors and can only give you what we sense. ❤️I hope to work with you soon!


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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