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❤️ When your Energy is great, notice the way people react to you is great, your clarity and perspective is great, and thus your momentum is great! ❤️ How you feel determines your perspective, your perspective creates your reality. It can enhance or degrade your potential. Hi, I am a natural born empath with a connection to Higher Guidance who can reach into your auric field and repair wounds of spiritual anxiety, panic, sluggishness, and energetic knots! 💜I love diversity! I work with all people regardless of color, creed, or sexual orientation! ❤️ Due to recent World Events, I am only offering specifically energy and auric healing services for now. I feel during these times in both the Cosmos and in everyday life, spiritual healings are the best course of action to take. There is too much panic and fear being blasted out, infiltrating our soul energy which can alter what you were supposed to attract. Let spiritual energy healings be apart of your plan. It’s crucial that your energy is protected and maintained during this time. ❤️ I can not address physical medical issues but If you are in need of some pick me up or energetic solace contact me for: Pick (1) per video or phone call phone call is suggested 10-30 minutes but I can work you you: 💫 Reiki Energy Healing 💫 Light Body / MerKaBa Healing 💫 From Panic to Serenity Healing 💫 Healing the Not-Feeling-good-enough wound 💫 Releasing the Cords that Bind Healing (releasing old partners and opportunities you feel emotionally stuck on). 💫 Aura And chakra reading (not a healing unless the call is more than three minutes). I tell you what’s going on so you can know how your chakras are doing for your own regimen/practice I can help you with that. I may or may not mention colors. Functionality and power force is the focus. A photo or video may help but if you prefer not to, I can do an empathic scan. ❤️ Energy Healings And Reiki are a great way to distress, increase your own intuition, and become more attractive to the best offered around you. ❤️ We can work on specific issues such as healings to feel better emotionally, for inspiration, to become more energized, heal spiritual anxiety, light body healing, increase confidence, Reiki, removing emotional hooks from others, etc. ❤️ When your Energy is great, notice people react to you great, your clarity and perspective is great, and thus your momentum is great!


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Love readings

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