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⭐️New clients read bios and instructions before ordering a reading there’s a transcript at the end of every reading for you there’s also a comment section that you can go to after the reading has ended to continue to communicate if you need extra clarification, Ask one question at a time wait for a response so therefore there is no confusion and you have time to read if needed ‼️ if you do not provide specific questions into your situation you will receive a general reading which consist of general answers basically a surface reading PLEASE READ BIO , INSTRUCTION AS WELL AS PURPLE OCEANS SUGGEST INTRO IN CHATS 🟠 I give alot of detail As you could tell from all my positive reviews and my video that is the main thing I do is give details , insight is details, of course if you needed extra clarification there’s a comment section if the timer does run out in any chat Hey my loves! I wanted to make same changes that would be simple for new/old clients to read for instructions and a guide before ording a reading 🔮 🌸My names Gia nice to meet you! I am a very honest, compassionate, detailed reader, I will not by any means give you a Fairytale reading to make you happy Im all about the truth in what I see, but it might not be what you want to hear before coming to reading with me please be prepared and open minded. 🟣 PLEASE READ BIO AND INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ORDERING A READING 🔸 name, date of birth, & specific questions you would like me to tap into. -( without date of birth I will only recive a surface reading basically not as much indepth detail) - please be clear in what you are wanting to know, if you feel something wasn’t understood or need extra clarification there’s a comment section after every reading it is there for a reason. - three question minimum for rush order and 24 order readings. - After every reading two follow up question minimum, If you have any more than two follow up questions then you will need to order another reading. - please let me know if you use pronouns they/them she/he etc. -please state if you would like me to use angel cards for your reading. 🔸 I DO NOT DO CAREER READINGS Which includes finances - I do not tap into legal matters, health, lost and found, social media , Lottery, pregnancy, children under the age of 18, energies who have passed 🔸 estimation timeframes as this is not set in stone as freewill can always enter in. 🔸freewill always has opportunity to present it self in any situation. 🔸my guides do not see characteristics, names, ( unless you have provided one) 🔸 if you have previously left a bad review, please do not come back for a reading if you didnt receive what was needed during a reading theres no reason to come back. 🔸 I will most likely be the reader that tells you something different , as every advisor taps into situation‘s differently if you have been to multiple psychics with the same question please do not come to me for a reading if you are not going to be open minded with my response. If 5 different advisors told you the same thing, again please do not come to me because I may tell you something completely different. 🔸 Do not speak of any spells, spell work, hex, demonic entities etc. as this is against Purple Ocean guidelines


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