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Deep insights into relationships without judging you in any way whatsoever. Please be sure to ask 2 questions maximum for rush orders as we have only 3 minutes to respond . The more the number of people that you question about the more mixed the energies will be. Please give maximum details and the complete truth for the clearest answers while asking a question; and be ready for the answers that come out. If you are involved with someone who is married or already in a relationship please mention. Deciphering the difference between karmic and soul group relationships.Please be ready to hear the outcome , no matter what. IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR A RECONCILIATION AND ITS NOT LOOKING POSSIBLE, DO NOT LEAVE A BAD REVIEW. TIme is variable in this 3D world. DO NOT LEAVE review if a TIME FRAME HAS NOT YET COME TO PASS. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY READING FOR YOU IF YOU LEAVE ME A NEGATIVE REVIEW EVEN IF MY PREDICTION COMES TO PASS! Career guidance and navigating through career decisions. Oracle guidance and messages from spirit.


Oracle guidance, Relationship coaching, Tarot readings

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