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If I am not on PG, look for me at a lower rate on Bitwine! In order to guarantee an amazing reading in a reasonable time ... please READ BEFORE Ordering! I am human and have personal limits to my gifts. There are some things I just can't pick up, it's not to be difficult, it's literally me knowing my limits and refusing to mislead my clients. Those things are listed below😊 MUST HAVE: 1 NAMES 2DOBS 3LAST CONTACT for me to connect! I do NOT need a photo to connect-- in fact I actually do not read energy around photos at all! ALL ORDERS: ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Things I don't read on: ❌When/🕙 ❌no contact for more than 1 yr with POI ❌medical, legal, pregnancy, or health related  ❌Mediumship ❌3rd party ❌telling who is TF ❌super specifics(i.e. physical feature, exact job) ❌social media activity ❌decisions made for you ❌reading on POI you've never met or spoke to ❌remote viewing ❌lost items When all readings are done, our time is done together. I do not answer anything in the message box after the order is done. Feel free to place a new order whenever I am next available. ▶️If you do NOT want tarot and/or oracle cards, that needs to be specified AT TIME of order or you will get what I am guided to use. 💜I will also use current astrology updates, references and details when guided to share how it specifically impacts your reading. Please let me know @ time of order if you do not want any astrology details 💜All readings are based around current energies that I pick up at the time. Free Will and choices made can shift energies, nothing is set in stone. This means if you choose to not follow spirits advice that is given the OUTCOME CAN CHANGE. That is your right, but be mindful I see the outcome based on IF you follow the advice. 💜If you intentionally try to test my abilities or withhold information to see if I will pick up on it, this will make our reading NOT ACCURATE. Come with an open mind and heart. 💜If you choose to play "test the reader " my guides will sense that and deliberately block accurate info from coming through. Save both of us time and money, if you want to play games, that's on you and your money pays for my time. 💜be mindful that I am a human being not a machine I can answer only one question at a time during live sessions and it does take time I can only answer so much in 5 minutes be respectful of my energy


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