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*Availability: Mo-Fri: 1230PM - 5 PM and 7 PM - 11 PM (EST*) Im a Spiritual Psychic Reader 🔮 who reads on your situation in order to find the truth. I use tools such as Tarot Divination 🃏, Astrology🪐, and Automatic Writing✍️. I also specialize in Dream Analysis and can read the symbols of your dreams to better reference your life . ☯️ My services on Purple Ocean/ Purple Garden: Tarot Divination: A window to your soul and a reflection of your body, mind and spirit. I will perform a Tarot reading to help you understand yourself, your environment and your life situation, reaching better clarity and alignment. Astrology: A map of your Astral Sky at the exact moment of your birth can provide information on your character, personality, strengths, weaknesses, how you love, how you act, how you feel, and how you think. It can pinpoint the best path of least resistance, aligning you with your purpose. It can sometimes show you the best moments to decide about love and commitments, money and finances, career and daily routine, travel, etc. Oracle Reading: An expansion of the mind, heart and soul, and being able to see the bigger picture of your life experience, is found during an Oracle Reading. An oracle reading can determine whether you will live in Hell or Heaven by focusing on the spiritual aspects of life and how we connect to the source of all nature's elements and the philosophy of our existence. A guide towards a deeper understanding of your spiritual experience, an Oracle reading can help change your perception of your reality, ultimately creating a more conscious lifestyle. Dream Analysis: Between the veil of unconscious and conscious, light and dark, life or death, Astral or earth, your dreams carry symbols that reflect a mirror of your universe. Do you have dreams that you feel strongly about as you awaken? If your dream experience is on your mind, it carries a message to assist you in your waking reality. A dream analysis session with me will connect you deeper to your soul, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind and help you feel more connected to your spiritual journey and psychological makeup. Reiki Healing: Reiki Healing is a complete surrender to the power of your higher self in which you remember that your true nature is spiritual, not physical. We are made up of the same elements of nature. Everything exists from an atom and the space in between, whether solid, gas or liquid, allowing energy to flow. Negative or positive energy or electrons surround every atom; every cell in our bodies needs constant flow, movement, change, and transformation to avoid becoming stuck. When energy becomes stuck in our body, it creates dis-alignment and can ultimately lead to dis-ease. In other words, you can become imbalanced, and Reiki Healing allows energy to reopen through your astral layers. By opening up my energies, I can intend healing energy to travel through your chakras and astral layers no matter where you are. The effects after a reiki healing can last 72 hours and beyond. It will encourage you to elevate your spirit beyond your current limitations, pushing you to face and release your ego, gaining higher awareness, bliss, good health, peace of mind, and lightness. Yoga Flow: Yoga has the uncanny ability to balance the body, mind and spirit through movement meditation. The various asanas and positions that Yoga takes you through can assist in releasing stuck energy from different body parts, ultimately leading to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual relief. In a video session with me, I will take you through a short Yoga Flow that will focus on opening up the specific chakras that need balancing. This idea is my creative inspiration, blending spiritual, psychic healing, and physical movement into one. However, Yoga has been a practice that brings you closer to your Divinity, in other words, the liberation of all suffering since ancient civilizations. Holistic Nutrition: Whole Natural live food can heal our Body, Mind and Spirit of all Dis-ease. It carries live components composed of the same elements as our bodies, environment and air. Food is our fuel, providing us with the necessary energy for our bodies to undergo essential biochemical processes that ultimately allow us to function at our utmost vital and healthiest potential. It is not a mistake that all the energy we need to thrive comes from nature and that we become more intuned to our spiritual awareness when we align with nature's rhythms and elements, including the natural fuel it has gifted us with. In this session, We will discuss any physical, mental and spiritual issues you may have. I will recommend food sources that carry the proper vitamins and minerals to enhance health and foods that are in high vibration, promoting increased well-being about the issues and challenges you may be dealing with anatomically: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Dream analysis, Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings

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