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🔮I'm a LOVE EXPERT, but I open my cards for any topic. I'm also a good listener and I'm always trying to comfort my clients, whether it is a psychic reading or just a "therapy" session where I can help you release frustration, anger or fear. Letting it all out, even if its via text, helps a lot in finding better solutions or coping with difficult situations. 🔺VERY IMPORTANT: Please ask a very specific question, as I need to connect to that question's energy in order to give you the best insights. Don't worry! It's very simple. Just think of what you want to know and ask me like I know nothing about you. ⚠ If you want a detailed reading, please make sure to describe the situation. The goal is to achieve insights in the shortest amount of time, not for me to guess the whole situation which would take longer. The more information you provide, the easier it is for me to connect to that situation's energy! ❗Only 2 questions for clarification afterwards in free chat please. I work with many clients and after I shuffle the cards I have to prepare myself for the next reading. 🌍 I open my Tarot Cards and read the things someone may want to find out. We're all energy, and the answer to any question is within ourselves. Tarot is only a vehicle for that. ❤ I'm non-judgemental, I support love in any form when it is consensual. 🔔click the bell button to see when I'm online more easily! 🛎If you call me, keep in mind that the call for Live Chat or anything is run by a third party (the app's server) so you must stay a bit longer ringing until it reaches to me. ⏰ Energies always change, so time is relative. In some readings I see a perfect timeframe, in other readings the person's free will is above any timeframe. Thats the reason why sometimes I dont provide a timeframe! ❌No readings on: Medical issues🚑 Legal📖 Lost people/items


Relationship coaching, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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