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✨Schedule ✨ in EST Monday 4PM Tuesday 10AM Wednesday 10:30AM Thursday 2:30PM Friday 11AM ❣️Intuitive Empath❣️ ❣️Devotee of Aphrodite❣️ I bring the blessings of Aphrodite to all that I connect with! Be prepared to learn about your POI’s feelings, motivations, thoughts, and intentions. Also be prepared to learn what YOU are doing that’s blocking the outcome you seek. You are a participant. Let me teach you how to create your future, instead of standing by on the sidelines. ❣️I will give you clear, accurate, and heartfelt guidance ❣️I specialize in relationship readings and I can access your person of interest’s point of view and motivations ❣️TIMELINES ARE ALWAYS SHIFTING. You are not a robot, neithet is your POI. The future is not fixed, it’s malleable. Let me teach you how to influence your own future towards the outcome you seek. Please read before placing an order: ❣️1 -2 questions per Purple Ocean order please. 3 minutes is a very short window of time ❣️Be Specific with your inquiry. Specific questions get specific answers! NO GENERAL READINGS. 💌 Reminder: follow up communication is NOT guaranteed! On busy days I may not be able to follow up. If there’s a pressing matter please send a follow up order to guarantee your question gets the attention it deserves 💗


Psychic readings, Tarot readings, Love readings

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