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Hello and welcome I look forward to helping you and giving you an amazing reading so PLEASE READ ALL MY ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS Please include your name and DOB and your partners name and DOB and the last time you spoke. VIDEO READINGS Only ask 1 or 2 questions per 3 minute video - please do not send more or I will reject your order. I shuffle and read the cards before turning on the camera that way I can spend the full 3 minutes giving you detailed information- I know some people like readers to shuffle on screen however this does not flow for me so please respect my process. Life is a journey there are no short cuts to the finish line you have to meet people and have a number of relationships in order to learn. Experiences good and bad help you grow. Therefore ✖️NO PRECISE TIMINGS ✖️NO NAMES OF SOUL MATES ✖️NO READINGS ABOUT PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER MET OR DATED ✖️NO QUESTIONS ABOUT SEX OR BODY PARTS OR WHAT YOUR PARTNER THINK ABOUT YOU PHYSICALLY. My focus is on the big picture, I will tell you if your relationship will work out long term. So even if he or she does contact you again, it does not automatically mean reconciliation and I will tell you that. Due to focus on long term happiness and empowerment I will not answer questions about which body parts your partner likes or how the would rate you on an attractiveness scale. I am here to empower you to make your own decisions, and help you heal. I will look at the energy surrounding you now and how things may turn out in the next few months. Remember you have the power to change the future. PLEASE NOTE If 15 readers have told you he is the one and coming back and that is the only response you are after then I am not your reader. If you believe your relationship with your POI is so strong that they will ask you to marry them, then ask them when not me. ⚡️PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!⚡️ ✖️NO TWIN FLAME READINGS ✖️NO SUGAR COATING ✖️NO DETAILS OF WHETHER YOUR POI HAS HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE ✖️NO EXAM RESULTS ✖️NO JOB INTERVIEW OUTCOMEs If you leave a negative review please understand that I will not read for you again, even if you come back and apologise. I am happy to clarify anything in the comment section but please do not abuse the system or me or I will report you. Please respect that I may be talking to other customers or in bed when you ask questions, so it may take some time to get back to you. Also please respect that we might be in different time zones so please respect that I might be in bed when you order a 24 hour reading.


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