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Welcome! I Am a Direct and Thorough Psychic Advisor. I will be honest and truthful about what I see. I can assist you with making important decisions about romance, career, family and life purpose. 💜 2 Questions Only Per 3 min recorded Order! If you ignore this, I will only answer the first 2 listed. It’s important to read directions before placing an order. I value and respect each of my clients, I appreciate the same treatment as well. Please come with positive energy & an open mind. 💜 2 QUESTIONS ONLY on PURPLE OCEAN! On Purple Garden LIVE CALLS, I will answer as many as time allows. Add more time if you have additional questions. No additional questions in the chat box after a purple garden live session. 💜 ATTN: I cannot guarantee you will marry or give specific descriptions/initials of a potential mate, address pregnancy concerns, predict death, court cases/ legal matters, health concerns, guarantee a successful surgery or predict lottery wins. 💜 AGAIN: 2 questions Per Reading Only on Purple Ocean. No new questions in the comment area. A new order must be placed for additional questions. Withholding important facts about a situation doesn't help our time together. For example, if you ask "will I start a new job?" but you don't disclose that you haven't even applied for a new one. The negative cards that are pulled would be interpreted as a rejection, when really it's a lack of effort that you were not honest about. BE HONEST. BEFORE ORDERING: -Clear emotions. Come balanced. -Allow predictions to play out! -Remember, you have Free Will. -Ask clarifying questions if needed. No NEW questions in comment box. Only clarifying questions. *** I am unable to always give Exact Time Frames. Sometimes, Spirit needs you to hear what needs to be healed within You in order to align you with your goal. Timeframes can sometimes be an external distraction in your healing process. Anxiety around timeframes can alter predictions. I do not specify physical descriptions of a new love or specifics of how you will meet. The energy I read surrounds emotions, timeframes and personality descriptors only.* 💜 I use oracle and tarot cards to clarify the messages flowing through. If you do not prefer this, do not order with me. 💜 TWO TYPES OF READINGS ON PURPLE OCEAN: 1) 3 month forecast on love, career or general guidance. OR! 2) I will answer 2 specific questions. If you want a forecast, I can provide a 3 month, one topic timeline for you. You must choose between a 3 month forecast or 2 specific questions. There are only 3 minutes in the recorded readings so I cannot do both. IF ORDERING A LIVE READING — I cannot continue your reading in the comment section of the Purple Ocean app once your paid time is up. If you would like to continue your questions and dialogue, simply add more minutes to your account. It is unfair to readers when clients pressure them to read for free. We respect you as clients, and would love the same respect back for the service we provide for you. No Free Readings in the comment box.


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