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🌟PLEASE READ!🌟 🔮 Due to high call volume, I'm unable to answer any follow-up questions or engage in the comments after a live reading on sale days. If you have additional questions or comments, please place another order. Thank you! 🔮 I'm an intuitive empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and medium. I'm a clear channel, which means I receive direct information from Spirit. I have the ability to connect with and share messages from loved ones and pets who have crossed over. I can offer insight and guidance in love and relationships, can tell you someone's true intentions, and if you share a karmic or soul connection with them. I can shed light on your life path, career and finances, and can help you better understand and tap into your own psychic abilities. I am a remote viewer and have been successful in locating lost objects and pets. My readings are straight forward, detailed, and personal. I'll tell you what I see around a person or situation. I don't sugarcoat, but my delivery is compassionate. I'll let you know what's ahead. I don't need your birthday to connect to your energy. I'm able to sense your feelings and intentions along with those of the people and situations surrounding you. The more open and trusting you are with me, the easier it is for me to connect to you and read your energy. If you're purposely withholding information or trying to test my abilities, it closes off your energy to me and it's difficult for me to read for you. A vague question is likely going to get a vague answer. If you're unhappy with your reading, you're welcome to share your opinion, but keep in mind that if you choose to leave a negative review I will not read for you again. This includes leaving me a negative review and then coming back when the prediction comes to pass, or leaving negative feedback with a "smiley face" icon. NEGATIVE REVIEWS are typically when I tell a client something they don't want to hear, or I don't feed into the "fairy tale." I am a medium and have the ability to connect with departed loved ones and pets who have crossed over, but I have no control over who comes through or who wants to communicate. If you're contacting me for a medium reading regarding a specific person and I'm unable to channel them, this is beyond my control. Personalities transfer over to the other side. Medium readings are best done over a voice or video call because I channel better through voice vibration. I have a lot of experience working with special needs children and adults in both clinical and group home settings, and just kids in general. Being a parent is not easy, but can definitely be rewarding. I can help you to better understand what your child might be needing from you, but might not have the words to express. I often see TIMEFRAMES, but if you're asking me for a timeframe, please consider that I'm giving you an ESTIMATE based upon current energy. Energy is constantly moving, and time frames can shift based on circumstances and free will choices. Don't hold it against me if the person changes their mind and decides they don't want to reach out, or if the outcome gets delayed because of some unexpected circumstance. The future is a multitude of different paths, possibilities and probabilities based upon the decisions we make in the present moment. Think of life as a choose your own adventure book. Make a different decision, and you're presented with a whole new set of options to choose from. I'm here to guide and empower you to make the best choices possible and achieve the highest outcome. I can't answer any new questions or continue your reading in the comments box after a live reading. If you have a new question, please order another reading. Although I do believe in Divine Will, we're not bound by fate - we're the masters of our own destinies and have the power to write our own scripts. Manifest the life you want for yourself!


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