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Destiny 👉👉An outcome can be positive or negative but a reality check is very important. Learn to accept by knowing the factual position. I will guide you with my knowledge through astrology. 🦸🦸🦸Please be ready with DOB + Time of Birth + Place of Birth. 👉No sugarcoating and to the point analysis. Astrology: I will define astrology as below: A - ALL S - SYSTEMIC  T - TOOLS which are R - RELATED to O - OUR  L - LIFE and are O - ORIGINATED by the G - GOD and it's for  Y - YOU How I work? There are a total of 12 houses in each horoscope and each house has an important aspect which deals with our life and they are as follows: 1) The 1st house is our Ascendant or Lagna which represents our body and one's personality etc. 2) The 2nd house is known for speech and wealth etc. 3)The 3rd house is related to one’s courage and siblings etc. 4)The 4th house is related to one’s home, luxury life, and mother etc. 5)The 5th house is related to intelligence level, education, and children etc. 6)The 6th house deals with enemies and issues etc.  7)The 7th house relates to our life partner, partnership, desires etc. 8)The 8th house deals with the longevity and vulnerability of a native etc.  9)The 9th house is related to religion, luck, and ethics etc.  10)The 10th house is related to the profession, father government sector, and reputation etc. 11)The 11th house is related gains and Income, speculation gains etc.  12)The 12th house is related to expenditures and foreign connection etc.  Note:- I'm not a Psychic reader and my work depends on Vedic Astrology. I can answer any questions, if you can provide your date of birth, time and place of birth. If you expect me to answer in few minutes then please don't contact me. I will be able to help, if I check your chart and it takes some time. I'm also working via numerology. Here you can give me your dob and we can check. But the results may not be that accurate. Thank you


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