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🖤Please read profile BEFORE booking🖤 🌹I primarily use TAROT. If you don’t specify this is what I default too. If you would like something answered with oracle, angel/fairy messages or just intuitively/claircognizant please specify! :) “ There’s power in the FREEDOM of not fitting in “ - UA ♦️WHAT I DON’T DO♦️ -I DON’T USE TWIN FLAME VERBAGE -Health(Including Pregnancy questions) -Legal -No timeline questions: I can not give you an exact time period. I can give you rough estimates. People change and people have free will. -No “What does my POI/partner look like.” Frankly, I don’t know. -No “When will I get married?” So, you’re single and your skipping the whole journey of meeting, dating and going straight to marriage? Life doesn’t work that way. -No infidelity questions. I can answer if there’s some hidden behaviors in relation to emotion but that’s it. ❓❓❓❓ -Consider open ended questions as oppose to closed questions. If you start your question with what/how/why I can give you much better answers and clarity as oppose to questions that start with will/when/should ❤️ I love doing the recorded videos! Standard or Rush! As long as you keep it to 2 questions per 3 minute video I really enjoy it and chat with you if I have the time! ❤️ 🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly 💡 Astrologer / Empath / Intuitive / Claircognizant/ Clairsentient 💡 I offer an array of services fit custom to my clients! Let me know exactly what you’re looking for and I’ll make it happen! 🧚I can also offer Crystal guidance like which crystals to get to help you through certain situations, or to help you harness a special type of energy or to block out negative energy! 🌹Astrology: -Must know EXACT: time of birth / place of birth / & birthdate (🔮 if you want a whole natal chart reading this must be done by video call or voice call only🔮) -Karmic ties -Your love language -Traumas -Family Matters -Creativity -Spirituality -Personal blocks -& much more! 🌻Tarot: -Specific questions -All things Love related -Open Ended Questions -What/How/Why Questions -General Readings & Guidance -Spirituality Readings & Guidance -Timeline of Events -Past/Present/Future 🌺Oracle: -Love Guidance -General Guidance -Spirituality Guidance -Inspirational Guidance -Positive Affirmations


Oracle guidance, Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings

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