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❤️ READ BEFORE REQUESTING ❤️ I care about giving you accurate readings and I like to get straight to the point with no long introduction. I like to get to the answers quickly, and mean no offense. I am not judging your situation. Sometimes people leave negative reviews when they don’t like what I have to say. Most of these people come back for another reading because I end up being right about their situations. You will get the best result from video readings if you record yourself so that I can get a feel for you. Please include pictures of everyone involved if you can. 👁💕🙏🏾 🌟Ask a maximum of 3 questions. 🌟Provide details (names, birthdates, how long you have been involved with your POI, when you last saw your POI, etc.). We are virtual and I need this to connect and be accurate. 🌟I will try respond to your follow up questions, however for a fast and guaranteed response please book a follow up question. I care about providing you with accurate and clear direction. It may seem as though no one understands your situation, but I hope to give you the unbiased answers that you are looking for. You may not always like what I have to say but it will be authentic. See yourself having the greatest love of your life. Understand why you should move on or wait for your love to return. Decide if this is the right path for you. Let’s discuss all of these things, and more! My goal is to help you make decisions without second guessing yourself. You are a shining and beautiful soul, and we are already connected. Your success is certain, let’s figure out the best path to the life that you want.


Dream analysis, Love readings, Tarot readings

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