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I offer Tarot readings combined with professional Psychic readings. I’m direct and to the point, but also compassionate, non judgmental and will provide you with as much information and details as possible in the time we have. I do not need a video to provide a detailed reading. I’m happy to answer one clarifying question. Please have patience and understand I cannot always respond to your question immediately, as I am working with other clients. I do my best to respond to follow up questions, but sometimes it is simply not possible. 🔆IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO LEAVE A LOT OF INFORMATION/DETAILS🔆 This actually makes it more difficult for me to provide you with clarity. I cannot provide readings regarding: Pregnancy Legal issues Health issues Lost items, people, or animals More than one person or one topic Mediumship Multiple options, such as, which job, which person, which country Eye color, initial, race, name of potential soul mate. I cannot tell you the physical location of a person ✅ I am not a fortune teller and I cannot predict exactly how your future will be. I will honestly tell you what I see in our reading and after that, you are responsible for your thoughts, your actions and your words which can absolutely change the outcome. Please be aware of this. ✅ I will provide a time line only if I can honestly see one. If I cannot, I will not be able to provide that information. Please understand that time lines are flexible and can change. ✅ Please do not leave a long video or a long explanation. The more SPECIFIC you can be with your questions, the easier it is for me to provide you with information and details. Please do not give me any information other than relevant context regarding your questions. ✅ I cannot answer more than two questions per video reading. If you ask multiple questions, I will answer the first two. ✅ If you ask for a general reading please understand that you are asking for general information, and this can result in a disappointing experience. Specific questions = specific answers. ✅ Please ask exactly what you want to know/understand. I provide a lot of information in 3 minutes. I ask that you be clear and direct with your questions. ✅ Please understand that I cannot guarantee you the actions of another person. I am reading the energy of the current moment. You and everyone else has free will to alter or change outcomes. ✅ Reviews- leaving a negative review because you did not like what I said is unethical. Please ask for clarification if you are confused and be sure that you are asking clear direct questions. ✅ I can only answer questions in the question portion of your order. Please do not ask multiple questions in the details section. Relevant context is all I need. I genuinely look forward to connecting with you❤️


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