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I am on both Purple Ocean and Purple Garden for live readings at least one full day each week. Check back often and be sure to turn on your notification bell so you know when I’m available! Want me now? Ask me to come online for you. If I’m not attending a birth right then, I’ll turn on my availability long enough for you to place an order! If not right then, I’ll do it as soon as I’m able! I’m looking forward to serving you on both Purple Ocean and Purple Garden on a more regular basis as I continue to transition to fewer days seeing patients in clinic and taking less hospital call for my midwifery practice. 👶🏿👶🏾👶🏼👶🏻🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼👶🏻👶🏼👶🏾👶🏿 If I’m not here, that’s because I’m out helping bring new life into the world as a Certified Nurse Midwife! Don’t worry, I’ll be back ASAP! 👶🏿👶🏾👶🏼👶🏻 🍼🍼🍼👶🏻👶🏼👶🏾👶🏿 👂🏻LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE👂🏻 ❤️You’ll get the most out of your reading with me if you read my entire bio, including my ordering instructions, and watch my video before you order to help you understand exactly what I do and how I can help you. Remember, my most powerful ability to connect lies within HEARING THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE so your best results will always come from letting me HEAR YOU❤️ 🔮I am a very practical and straight forward intuitive style Tarot and Lenormand reader without any of the “woo-woo”. I simply use my cards as a trigger to build a bridge from myself to your energy. Then, through the use of my psychic gifts, I am able to receive messages from your Higher Self, also known by some as your Akashic Record. I most often combine several different decks into one very detailed and comprehensive reading. Due to the intuitive nature of my reading style I do not use the traditional card layouts you may have seen used by other card readers. My readings are very honest and practical and are geared toward empowerment in decision making, rather than fortune telling. Because of how energy works, if you ask me a question that is just a straight “yes or no” question, I will try to help you identify the issue at hand and provide a reading that focuses on empowering options for you. If I am unable to contact you to clarify how we can focus your reading on empowering choices and options with enough time to perform your reading prior to the deadline, I will decline the reading so that you have the opportunity to find a reader who is comfortable making fixed predictions. I find that attempting to provide fixed prediction style fortune telling truly robs you of your ability to find your best path. It implies that there is only one potential outcome, or that others around you will never change how they felt at the exact time your reading was done. It is nearly impossible to accurately predict a single fixed outcome since intentions, energies, and multiple variables that have direct effect on outcomes are continually changing. Asking for a definite outcome or timing in a reading is a sure way to be disappointed and to deny yourself the potential to manifest your best path. Besides, specific timing or the fixed outcome of a particular matter isn’t really helpful in the end is it? Getting you onto your very best path is what I’m truly interested in doing for you. Many times that path does not include the specific outcome you’ve asked me about. Instead, something even better that’s trying to come to you is revealed, but is currently blocked by your steady focus on this specific outcome you’re trying to get to that was never really meant to be your path. It is important that you are open to hearing this. 🔮There are two reasons I usually don’t show the cards to you as I’m reading. Sometimes the messages I receive are not at all what the “traditional” meaning of the cards are and this can often be confusing for people who know some of those meanings if the cards are shown. Sometimes the messages aren't related to the cards at all, but are actually coming directly through the energetic bridge built between us when the cards are cast. This can be even more confusing if you’re looking at and trying to interpret your own cards! I actually prefer not to see my cards if I’m having someone read for me and will specifically ask to NOT have them shown to me to avoid any confusion or tendency toward interpreting them myself rather than receiving the message that’s trying to get to me through my reader. The other reason I don’t show cards is the time constraints of this format. I’m trying to fit A LOT of information into a small window of time and the message I’m giving you will be far more useful to you than me trying to explain every card to you. If you simply must see them for yourself, please specify this when you place your order. 🔮I’m what is known as a clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient, empath, which means I’m a “psychic feeler, knower, and listener”. My clairsentient and claircognizant gifts are largely dependent on my clairaudient (listening) gift. It is this clairaudience that really allows me to establish the connection to you at the deepest level and to fully use all of my abilities together. This is why letting me HEAR you will give you the best and most specific readings from me. 🔮In addition to my natural psychic gifts, I have completed an accredited international certification process through the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and am a Certified Tarot Master. I've been reading tarot for 22+ years, and have helped hundreds of people with my gift. I am able to provide compassionate guidance on nearly any subject you would like me to channel for you within the policies of the Purple Ocean platform. 🌈 I am LGBTQ+ and alternative lifestyle friendly and am very comfortable and experienced both personally and professionally with the full spectrum of sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship choices. 🌈 🔮Again, specific timeline predictions and concrete outcomes are something I’m not able to see for you as this isn’t how energetic pathways work. Because our energetic paths are in a state of constant change affecting our outcomes, it is nearly impossible for me to give you an accurate and definite answer that is fixed and won’t change. Instead, I’ll help you identify the outcome that leads to your greater good, and look at how you can get there. I will gladly help you formulate your question into a format that will help you get the most empowering and usable information from your reading. Watching my profile video will give you some guidance on how to start thinking this way when asking your questions. I am very easily able to look at your current situation, what the dominant influences are, and if you can make new choices that will shift your path to a more favorable outcome. I am also very good at looking at two potential paths at the same time and analyzing each of them independently so that you can make empowered choices as to which path will most closely align with your most favorable outcome. I enjoy looking at how you are energetically connected to other things like people, careers, etc. and how this is influencing your current path. This includes telling you how the people influencing your path are feeling and what is internally motivating their actions at the time of your reading. This information allows you to make guided and insightful choices leading you to the most favorable outcome for your greater good. Sometimes the path that leads to your true greater good is not the path with the outcome you are desiring at the time of your reading. I’m here to help you work through that too, but it is very important that you are open to hearing this information. 🔮The live chat instant message feature here is great, but is very limiting for me and my particular gifts. The connection is never as strong for me in this format and it becomes more my reading just the cards instead of really connecting to and reading you. This makes for a far more general reading that usually isn’t terribly personal or beneficial. Because of this, you should expect less complexity from a chat reading. If you want me to be able to really align with you and see all the variables involved in a situation, the options that allow me to HEAR your voice will be best for you. 🔮 Since I will be looking at multiple potential paths and outcomes for you simultaneously, my ability to quickly zero in on the correct energetic path from the beginning is very helpful. Don’t be afraid to tell me the details of the situation you want me to look at for you. The more I know, the more I can easily separate and sort through multiple paths to identify and analyze the very best path for you without things being jumbled together.


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