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‼️I apologize for being MIA. I am taking my career in a new direction, so I cannot guarantee my attendance on Purple Ocean ‼️ ✨If you are looking to get an honest and compassionate psychic reading that will supply you with clarity, look no further. ❤️‍🔥Please do not contact me if you plan on leaving a negative review simply because I do not tell you what you want to hear. This is a sugarcoat free zone! ⚡️Please understand that I read energies! If you are wanting a love reading, I will ask you the current status of your relationship. I am not able to tell based on energies if your POI is an ex, a friend with benefits, a friend, or a committed partner. Energies only tell me about feelings, not the status of a relationship. By you telling me your current status, I can get a much better connection and save so much time so we can get onto the important stuff! ☎️I can also act as a telephone line between you and deceased loved ones. Please know, mediumship is NOT like google. Your loved ones give information they feel you need to hear. They won’t necessarily answer every question you have! Please don’t ask me questions like, “what was their name?” This is irrelevant to them, and they will almost never answer this type of question. 💭I can also do dream analysis readings! I use the help of my spirit guides to interpret the meaning of your dreams. 🧩General questions lead to general answers! Please come to me with specific questions so that I can give you a detailed reading!


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