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πŸ’œβ›„β›„πŸ’™ Understanding your point of attraction and how to line up with what you desire. The feeling, thought vibration matters most. Pacifying and rectifying any issues regarding any topic in life can be assisted by me through vibrational self work. Please note that the readings are vibrational and based on set points of attraction and focused on prepaved realities that have the biggest potential to manifest and be perceived through all physical senses. For rush orders and standard orders I can clarify one question in comments. For further purchase a live reading or another reading. Please note that these readings are for entertainment purposes and do not substitute the professional and qualified assistance of a doctor. Don't take them as absolute truth but take what you can from it and to your benefit. Always seek help from professional for very big issues. PLEASE note that reviews don't break me or make me or give me a self confidence boost. So I abstain from providing my services with an attitude of arrogance or entitlement based on my reviews. I treat everyone as a friend and an important client when we're having a reading. PLEASE Treat every reader as a unique pearl in the ocean. We're not the same and can't give you the same thing. How we feel is the most important thing in life. We will focus on emotions and how they resonate and what they make you attract and manifest into your reality. Being in alignment with your higher self is very important thing to sustain. Light Work, understanding the law of attraction and how to manifest (lining up with the physical evidence of the practiced momentum) in your life. How to understand relationships, take responsibility, read energetic fields and line up with freedom and inner peace. I Can see life path potentials and also if the person is right for you or not based on their core intentions vibrationally. βœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈβœ³οΈβœ³οΈβ™“β™’β™‹ -light work -positive focus -law of attraction -relationships -twin flame, soul mates, complicated relationships, how to unravel drama, are they really your soul mate or twin flame? -angel readings, spiriti guides readings. -compatibility in relationships -astrology, numerology, human design -LGBTQ+ -connection -listening -understanding -future career development -conflict resolution -higher self channeling -introspection -changing core beliefs -positive outcomes -focusing on joy and manifestation I read potentials not as something set in stone, because humans are mutable beings and thus change their future constantly with every change in their vibration. I deeply appreciate your connection with me, it means a lot. β›„βœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈπŸ–€πŸ’™βœ³οΈβœ³οΈβœ³οΈβœ³οΈβœ³οΈβ›„


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