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I look at the life path and then, I look at the details with spiritual mastery. If you’re tired of waiting on your love, life or your finances to work itself out… I’m the esoteric teacher and psychic advisor you’re looking for. You are not crazy about your dreams and desires. However, wishing and hoping are not the way. This is a judgement-free zone. Allow me to hold your hand on this journey, as we experience life. "When I read, I read straight from the heart. That means, I bring the HEAT. I bring the FIRE and I bring the PASSION!" I will not pander. God will reveal what he wants you to know. *** MY BIO CLEARLY STATES NO GENERAL READINGS ALONG WITH OTHER EXPECTATIONS. **** ***I DO NOT DO CHECKINS ON OTHER PEOPLES FEELINGS IF THAT IS ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW. MY READINGS ARE YOU FOCUSED. YOUR INTENTION UNLOCKS THE DOOR TO PRIVILEGED INFORMATION. SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES APPLY**** (if you want to manifest your dreams, follow the principles) 🛑🛑🛑 PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A BAD REVIEW IF I TELL YOU THAT YOUR POI IS NOT INTERESTED. I KNOW YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED BUT THAT’S NOT A REASON TO LEAVE A BAD REVIEW. ❤️🌹🛑🛑🛑 🙏🏾 🌟 🙏🏾🌟 🙏🏾 ALLOW 24 hrs FOR COMMENT RESPONSE DURING OUR BUSY DAYS, THANK YOU, ahead of time for all reviews and journey votes you take the time to offer. Every review and vote helps my career and exposure on the app. 🙏🏾🌟🙏🏾🌟🙏🏾 Please be aware that trolls call on a regular basis. Usually during an influx of good reviews. Follow your own guide when making a decison to get a reading with me. Clients that call or video call get the most clarity. Sometimes there are communication/miscommunication issues with text. 3 minutes orders may not be enough time to gain as much clarity as a phone or video call does. Although, many of my clients can testify, that I try my very best to do so. Be mindful that each person’s journey is different. 🚫 PO has dozens of wonderful readers to choose from. My focus is healing. My readings may sound like advice to people who aren’t ready to do the work and are lost in the word “psychic”. 🚫 ❤️🌹 I DON’T DO READINGS TO PEEK INTO OTHERS LIVES. IF IT DOES NOT PERTAIN TO YOUR HEALING I’M NOT PRIVILEGED TO SEE INTO THE LIVES OF OTHERS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, JUST BECAUSE YOU PAID AND I’M A READER OF ENERGY. MY WORK IS ABOUT YOUR WORK AND GUIDING YOUR HEALING PROCESS. THE MAY INCLUDE TAPPING INTO 3RD PARTY (any point of reference outside of yourself.... be it a person, place or thing) INFORMATION. SPIRIT IS RESPECTABLE AND WILL NOT DIVULGE INFORMATION THAT FEEDS THE EGO. MY MODALITIES WORK FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL ❤️🌹


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