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🔮🔮sale on chat readings!! 🔮🔮 - please NO general readings! 🚫 will not tell you what your POI is doing, or seeing. i can read your energy together 🚫please don't ask for a time frame 🚫please don't ask about more then 1 person each reading. unless its a live 🚫cannot tell you what future partner looks like, or when you will meet your soulmate. 🚫2 follow up questions ☯️ I am always honest in what I feel and see. please go into a reading open minded. if you are looking for a certain answer, you are blocking yourself from hearing what you need to hear. 👍👍 the more details you give me about your situation the better. please clarify if you are in a relationship, separated, friends but seeking a romantic relationship, etc. this helps me understand better, and to give you the most details I can in return 😀 ☯️ I can guide you to your next best move! I provide mediumship sessions, i love connecting with crossed over loved ones!! I will not connect to famous deceased, I can only connect to your loved ones in spirit. if you would like a mediumship read, please do a video order! As it can take a few minutes to connect. Also please note that it is not 100% guaranteed on who will come through for you. If you would like me to connect to someone specific, please give me their name. Or I will connect to whoever comes through. Oracle readings, relationship readings❤, angel and spirit messages. I cannot tell you what your future partner will look like, or exact dates that you will meet. I can give you a time estimate only if I'm hearing it! But remember there is free will! Free will can change, with the choices that we make every day! . I am great with past life reads!! I can tell you where you were, and give you a time frame of a past life, and what you did. Please note that not all past lives are happy and positive, as I have channeled some tragic and sad past lives🕉🌌 I can give you relationship/love guidance, career/work guidance, and spiritual guidance! (I will not answer infidelity questions) I will not spy on people, and tell you what they are doing. I can read the energy of the relationship. No 3rd party readings. I am a reiki master! I can send you distance reiki and clear your chakras of negative energies! I can connect to your loved ones in spirit, and ask them questions for you! Although it's not always guaranteed that you will hear what you want. I can tell you about your life purpose, if your questioning what you came to earth to do! LGBTQ + welcome ❤ I work with crystals, and do manifestation grids, crystal healing, and can provide which crystal would work best with you!🔮🔴🟠🟡 I will answer a maximum of 2 questions on a video read, and 1 follow up in the chat!🌷🌷🌅🌟 please only ask about 1 person in a video reading! 1 topic per video read!


Angel insights, Tarot readings, Oracle guidance

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