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Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile. Please read about my services before requesting a reading so that you can get the most out of your reading. 🤍HONEST 🤍ACCURATE 🤍STRAIGHTFORWARD 🤍NO GENERAL READINGS 🤍2 SPECIFIC QUESTIONS 🤍CHOOSE 1 PERSON TO FOCUS ON WHEN ASKING ABOUT LOVE 💬 I will answer 2 clarifying questions in the chat. I will not respond to new questions. 🧿 Please do not harass me or test my boundaries in the chat. *Disclaimer* I do NOT provide readings on the following topics: ✖️health/medical/pregnancy ✖️lost objects/people ✖️legal ✖️lottery/gambling ✖️physical descriptions of people ✖️”the one” - we come across many soulmates in our life, not all are romantic. ⏰ A note on timeframe specific questions: I receive timeframes in the form of numbers, this could represent the number of days, weeks, months or a specific date. The universe delivers what we want/need all in divine timing. This all depends on the work we’ve done within ourselves and how far we’ve ascended in our own spiritual journey. Energy is fluid and not linear, so please keep this in mind when asking about timeframes 📆 Now offering 1, 3 and 6 month forecast readings (for video readings only) on the following topics: 🌟Love/Relationships (specialized) 🌟Career 🌟Spiritual 🌟Finances 🌟Souls journey/life purpose If requesting a forecast reading, please choose only one topic for me to focus on. 🤍 Please come to me with your question in a positive, pure and loving state. That way I can give you the best guidance possible. Asking questions from a fear-based state may only perpetuate fear-based readings (as you can see from the erratic energy in negative reviews). Thank you! 🤍


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