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Before I delve into my services…I would like to kindly request that you understand that I am a but a messenger-please keep this in mind if you are disappointed or upset with what I share. I DO NOT sugarcoat, but I will give you a genuine reading based on what comes through. I have the ability to provide insight and direction in based on tuning into guides that present themselves when I connect to your situation, I do not use external tools such as cards-this is why I NEED: Names, dates of birth, and a detailed question/some background. 💜💜💜 I am an intuitive psychic, reiki practitioner, empath and spiritual advisor. I have over 10 years experience in this field and have had a psychic gift my entire life. I have honed my gifts and continue to grow and be excited about what the Universe has to offer. Specializing in full life psychic readings, tuning into an individuals energy and providing honest and accurate information of the past, present, and future. I specialize in mindfulness and meditation and offer courses in these areas as well. I believe that everyone has a gift and I help my clients recognize their own psychic gifts. I look forward to helping you get clarity. If you have more questions than answers, one call to me can help change the circumstances around you and you can get guidance through any problem you are currently facing. ******PLEASE READ****** ****PLEASE BE OPEN TO THE INFORMATION MY GUIDES PRESENT. IF NOT PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM ME.💜💜💜**** ****I DO NOT SUGARCOAT. I PRESENT THE INFORMATION GIVEN TO ME FROM THE GUIDES BASED ON YOUR QUESTION(S) 💜💜💜**** ****PLEASE NO GENERAL QUESTIONS-I DO NOT DO GENERAL READINGS—example-“How does he/she feel about me.” This is not enough for me to tune into. Ask the question you really want to know. 📣 Please include your first name and date of birth 📣 Please include the first name and date of birth of the person your question is about 📣 Please include your SPECIFIC question-I DO NOT do general readings. 📣 Please be as specific and detailed as possible. 📣 Please 2 questions max per video reading. 📣 One follow up question for clarity for video and chat readings. 📣No legal questions 📣No lottery questions 📣No medical advice 📣No court cases 📣No timelines-TIMEFRAMES and timelines are energetic-especially NOW. They are influenced by energy, free will, information, and perspective. Exact timeframes are NOT possible or set in stone. If my guides DO provide a timeline—please understand that it will be a wide timeframe—like within a year for example. 📣 I DO NOT do general readings and will decline your video or chat reading if the request is general. 📣 All readers have different gifts and ways of tuning in. Please do keep this in mind when selecting a reader. I do not confirm or dispute what other readers have provided. Timing, energy, and reading styles are all different. 💜 📣 When deciding to leave a review, please do keep in mind that not liking the information received is not a reason nor is it fair to leave a negative review. If you need something clarified-I answer! I take what I do seriously and it is my goal to be of service. 💜Unfortunately-displeasure for what I shared and not presenting SPECIFIC questions has been the reason for my negative reviews. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😢💜


Dream analysis, Relationship coaching, Psychic readings

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