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🇨🇴I am from Colombia so Spanish is my native language, in case you speak Spanish too I am a santero, my guardian angel is Yemayá 🌊and my father is Shangó🔥, I specialize mainly in issues related to love and soul mates. One of the greatest qualities that I have as the son of the Queen of the Seas is my total sincerity and certainty when responding to your concerns. I DO answer by chat after we finish a session! ❗❗ All the doubts that you have regarding our reading I will answer them with pleasure I offer you: ✨ Tarot reading Marseille 🐱Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker 🌊Tarot of the orishas 👁️ Clairvoyance ⚛️ Natal chart 😴 dream interpretation 🕯️Candle reading🕯️ 📸Photomancy 🌙Aura and energy reading 💑 Relationship problems? 💑💍 👪Family problems? 👪 💰 Doesn't the money yield you? 💰 💼Work problems? 💼 🔮I offer you rituals, clear, concise and accurate solutions for all these inconveniences that are occurring in your life and how to avoid them in the future🔮 🕊️I am here to help you have peace and tranquility, that is my life mission and I hope with you to achieve a part of my mission helping you to get ahead despite any difficulties present in your life🕊️ From my part you will always have a totally sincere, concrete, respectful and above all very professional reading. ⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ try to be as specific as possible with your question to have a fairly clear and accurate reading, I recommend that you always indicate your name and date of birth as well as that of your person of interest (if that is the case). if you send me a 24 hour reading, I have 24 hours to reply, try to be patient, I understand that you are in a difficult situation, but I am not always available. however I always do my readings clearly and honestly. ‼️I understand that you may be frustrated with the situation you are experiencing but that is not a reason to leave me a bad review, you can ask me clarifying questions before leaving me a review‼️ 🚫No health issues 🚫no legal issues, maybe I can talk about divorce but not something like "who will win the case?" "Will I stay with the children?" 🚫not pregnancy issues, for example "will I have more children?" "Will I have children one day?" ⚠️preferably don't ask for a general reading (if you do, try to give me some details, at least) ⚠️In case of a general reading towards love, please let me know if you like women, men or both 🌈🏳️‍🌈LGBTI + are welcome ↩️I always answer by chat, just be a little patient in case I don't do it so quickly, the idea is that all your doubts are as clear as possible. ✋Do not try to ask questions to "test me" remember that all the answers are 100% spiritual and faith is necessary, I am totally honest and I will always tell you everything I see✋


Oracle guidance, Relationship coaching, Tarot readings

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