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🇨🇴I am from Colombia so Spanish is my native language, in case you speak Spanish too. I specialize mainly in issues related to love and soul mates. One of the greatest qualities that I have is my total sincerity and certainty when responding to your concerns. I DO answer by chat after we finish a session! ❗❗ All the doubts that you have regarding our reading I will answer them with pleasure I offer you: ✨ Tarot reading Marseille 🐱Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker 🌊Tarot of the orishas 👁️ Clairvoyance ⚛️ Natal chart 😴 dream interpretation 🕯️Candle reading🕯️ 📸Photomancy 🌙Aura and energy reading 💑 Relationship problems? 💑💍 👪Family problems? 👪 🕊️I am here to help you have peace and tranquility, that is my life mission and I hope with you to achieve a part of my mission helping you to get ahead despite any difficulties present in your life🕊️ From my part you will always have a totally sincere, concrete, respectful and above all very professional reading. ⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️READ PLEASE 🚫❌If you have left me a bad review, I will not answer you neither in Purple Garden nor in Purple Ocean 🚫❌ Before leaving a negative review I recommend that you at least send me a clarifying message, no need to create bad situations. Try to be as specific as possible with your question to have a fairly clear and accurate reading, I recommend that you always indicate your name and date of birth as well as that of your person of interest (if that is the case). if you send me a 24 hour reading, I have 24 hours to reply, try to be patient, I understand that you are in a difficult situation, but I am not always available. however I always do my readings clearly and honestly. ‼️I understand that you may be frustrated with the situation you are experiencing but that is not a reason to leave me a bad review, you can ask me clarifying questions before leaving me a review‼️ If you leave me a bad review, don't expect me to answer your questions in the future Don't ask me for timeframes, time may vary and it all depends on the decisions you make, it doesn't depend on me. 🚫No health issues 🚫no legal issues, maybe I can talk about divorce but not something like "who will win the case?" "Will I stay with the children?" 🚫not pregnancy issues, for example "will I have more children?" "Will I have children one day?" 🚫don't ask for a general reading ✅if you want love reading but don't have POI, please let me know if you like women, men or both. 🌈🏳️‍🌈LGBTI + are welcome ☢️Due to the large number of clients I have, I will only answer a clarifying question related to reading, if you have fresh questions, a fresh new reading will be needed☢️ ✋Do not try to ask questions to "test me" remember that all the answers are 100% spiritual and faith is necessary, I am totally honest and I will always tell you everything I see✋


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