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READ BEFORE ORDERING: ***SOMETIMES THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO BE SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS. SOMETIMES WE ARE THE PROBLEM. I AM OBLIGATED TO BE HONEST, EVEN IF IT HURTS. I WILL TRY TO BE AS SYMPATHETIC AS POSSIBLE BUT ALSO FIRM IF I KNOW YOU ARE HEADED DOWN THE WRONG PATH. IF YOU ARE NOT OPEN TO THIS OR ARE NOT READY TO HEAR "NOT SO GOOD" FEEDBACK, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT**************** ******* 1. I NEED NAMES AND DOB FOR EVERYONE IN QUESTION. 2. If you want to know about a specific person, say that. NO STRANGERS. If you don't know the person, neither do I. I have to be able to pick up their energy through you. 3. If you ask for a general reading, I will tell you what I see as it comes up. If you have specific questions or area of focus, please ask them so that you will get the message you came for. 4. If I ask a question it is to clarify what I am seeing or feeling, so please answer so that I can give you a clear message. 5. ABSOLUTELY no "spying" on your ex or anyone else. I will not tell you what/who they are doing. Ask only questions that are related to YOU. 6. I typically do not do live video readings but if you are a returning customer, order a standard reading and message me. Blessings!!!!! 7. ABSOLUTELY no new questions in the comments, book a follow-up reading. Comments are for clarification on what was already said "Let not your heart be troubled" John 14:1. God speaks to us consistently, but it is sometimes hard to hear Him with the responsibilities and stresses of daily life. I offer heart felt prophetic readings in matters of love, career, and family. With a spiritual dream analysis, I am able to provide you with the messages of your subconscious. I also offer explanations of activities that are considered paranormal in nature. All of my readings are initiated with prayer, asking God for the message he would like to send to my customers. I do this in order to remove myself from the reading; I am simply His messenger. I also offer guided meditation/prayer to heal matters of the heart and mind (breakup, abandonment, depression, anxiety, and etc). At the end of each reading, I will provide my customers with a corresponding passage of scripture or affirmation. I understand that my customers are seeking answers, so I will not waste time with rambling. I will always be honest in my readings, while remaining compassionate and empathetic to my customers


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