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🖤Angi reads on all topics but specializing in love and relationship situations, she is a Twin Flame who "speaks the twin flame language" to help those who are struggling with the dynamics of running and chasing and/or seperation, and those wishing to come into full union instead of hot and cold / back and forth interactions. She is a LGBTQIA+ ally. 🏳️‍🌈 🖖Angi's style is very straight to the point and forward. She doesn't waste time in chat readings by writing long drawn out details but instead quick and simple. She doesn't tell you want you want to hear just to make you happy if it's not the truth. Spirit gives her practical guidance to relay to you. If you are drawn to her today, that means your paths have synchronistically aligned for a specific reason that she can help you with. 🦢🦢IMPORTANT UPDATE: With the increasing negative press on Twin Flames recently due to different documentaries being released on two major streaming platforms: I want to make very clear that I do not condone the actions of "Twin Flame Universe" and I have never been affiliated with them or any other money making scam or scheme preying on people regarding twin flames. A lot of people don't believe (even many of my fellow psychics) and that's okay. I personally didn't believe in the concept myself in the first place until I met mine over 10 years ago. Back then there was barely any info on it available. Now there's too much. Either way, wherever you are with it all, I'm here for all of you who are going through it now during the ebbs and flows of your own personal journey, which can be made even harder when the very thing we are going through individually is made even more challenging now in light of this bad publicity. You got this 🙏🏼 🔥🔥Keep in mind that with twin flames there is a "separation stage" for a reason. Don't try to resist or fight it, it's part of the process, so don't chase them! Let them go fully so they can begin the healing needed which caused them to run then they can return sooner. The goal is Union. This is the time for you to work on surrendering because you can't control this connection in any way. There is usually a "third party" which is often a karmic partner that they run to because they often can not do the healing needed for Union while still communicating with you. This is the time for you to turn inward and work on your self love and self care. 🧘Understand that the higher dimensional 5d heart and soul, energetic and telepathic connection with their higher self is more important than what goes on with the human person during the separation. It's not easy and can feel maddening, but you will be ok! If you feel alone in this or like you are going nuts. it helps to talk to someone who gets it like Angi. 💥She reads the ENERGY of a situation which goes beyond what is presenting in the physical. It goes deeper than what someone is thinking and feeling because thoughts and feelings are in a constant state of fluxuation. Energy is stable and consistent. If you ask what someone is thinking or feeling, you didn't read this description! 👀If she tells you what you already suspected to be true that means you have a naturally strong intuition and she's just validating what you already know to be true deep down. 🔥🔥She prefers to not proclaim if you are a twin flame FOR you. It is much more empowering for you to come to this conclusion on your own than to be told by any reader. If it does come up in the cards, she might say that you are soulmates (you can have many). <There is ONLY ONE twin flame and truly ONLY YOU will know for certain if they are or not.> Please don't ask her to confirm if someone is your twin or not, instead affirm that you already know they are your twin flame. If you aren't 99% sure, they probably aren't, but they could still be a soulmate. 🌪️She works with problematic, karmic, toxic, and narcissistic situations to help recognize and release what is completed and no longer are needed to experience. If you are stuck in a karmic relationship she can help you with whatever the next step is. 🌟 She can ask for Spirit to suggest what you can do energetically regarding a connection going forward. This is particularly helpful if you are in a no progress, no contact, a stalemate, or no movement situation. This means YOU doing energy work in meditation and perhaps the use of tools such as a pendulum or oracle cards. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but be patient and wait and hold space for the other person in the meantime. They have free will and Spirit doesn't force any of us to do anything. Work towards manifesting in the sense that what you are wanting has already come to pass and stay in that energy as often as possible.


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