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☯️PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING☯️ 💫I am incredibly passionate about providing you with an extremely accurate, high quality reading. To ensure you get the best from me, I ask that you follow the simple instructions described below. I reserve the right to reject your order if these instructions are not followed or if you do not respond to clarification questions I may send you.💫 ➡️ Please provide your name and birthday. ➡️ A video of yourself asking your questions is highly preferred as it allows me to easily connect with your energy. ➡️ Limit of 2 questions RELATED to your area of focus per reading. ➡️ If more than 2 questions are asked, I will only answer the first 2. Any additional questions will require more time, thereby requiring a new order. ➡️ Any questions asked not related to your area of focus will not be answered. Different topics require different readings. ➡️ If requesting a love or relationship reading please provide the name and birthday of your POI ➡️ Please provide as much detail as you’re comfortable sharing when you place your order. The more I know, the more accurate the reading will be. 💚Please understand these rules are in place because I put a TON of energy into my readings and deliver interpretations with much detail. It is impossible to deliver a quality reading in 3 minutes without the above guidelines followed.💚 I do not provide readings on the following topics: ❌Pregnancy, Fertility or Health ❌3rd Party Readings (No information on another person will be provided outside of relationship readings and those readings will be based around the relationship and your connection.) ❌Mediumship cannot be provided on Purple Ocean via 3 minute video readings. ❌I will NOT provide timelines past 6 weeks. Free will plays to big of a role for accuracy beyond that point. 🦋I’m happy to answer up to 2 CLARIFYING questions in chat after your reading. These questions are only those asked to further explain the reading provided if there is confusion. NEW questions will require a new reading.🦋 💟Purple Garden Orders💟 💜Mediumship readings are only offered via Purple Garden video chat. 💜I make no guarantees to be able to connect with your passed loved one. I can not control who comes through to communicate with me to pass message to you. In other words, you may request a session with Grandma but Uncle Joe comes through instead. This is completely out of my control. 💜Having a picture of your passed loved one ready is required for mediumship requests. 💜Follow up questions are NOT allowed for any Purple Garden service. All questions must be addressed in session.


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