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About my services

Intuitive empathic guidance through Tarot for: ✨ Love ✨ Relationships ✨ Career ✨ Spiritual awakening ✨ Emotional healing IMPORTANT: 🔮 You may ask up to two questions. 🔮 Medical, Legal and Pregnancy related questions are not allowed. 🔮I do not provide timeframes (example: questions like “when will I move to a new job” and “when might I see POI again” are discouraged) 🔮I do not provide readings that dive into another persons privacy. (example: can you tell me if my ex is dating anyone) 🔮 Please keep your questions self focused and open ended.- requests are most effective when focused on you and what you can do to manifest a certain outcome rather than asking details about another person. Please reframe yes/no questions to be open ended (“what can I do to increase success during a job interview” rather than “will I get a new job”.) Empower yourself. We are weavers of our fate. We influence the cards; not the other way around. ✨


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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