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⚜️Only Love Readings⚜️ ⚜️In the end true love always wins, but is it true love? Or are you wasting your time? ♥️ ⚜️ my focus is on emotions and circumstances that concerns the heart. PLEASE READ WHAT I CAN DO AND CAN NOT DO BEFORE REQUESTING. ⚠️ WHAT I DO NEED FOR OUR READING ⚠️ Names, short generic background. I do not work with cups, cards etc.. I work through the energies and the emotions of the individuals. That is why I do need the information I mentioned! ♥️♥️ my focus is not only to give you answers on your questions but even to give advice on how to change the situation ( when possible ) . for example if someone has a question like " will he/she come back?" I will give the answer but when there is a desire to change the direction of the events ( again only when I see this is possible ) I will guide you on how to do so. remember when this is not possible know that I will tell you. But what if there is still a way? but please be open in energy. I understand that no one wants to be fooled by false hope. but in order to truly connect and help you achieve the desire you have I do need something even though its not much as information. this is in order that the things I get through make sense which I then can explain back to you in the right way. ♥️➡️ Want to know what the emotions are that your person of interest is feeling? ♥️➡️  receiving mixed signals and behaviour and want to know what is felt and how to change the situation? ( when still possible ) ♥️➡️  are there still feelings involved from the person of interest his/her side or has the fire burned out? ♥️➡️ why does it feel so toxic when your gut tells you its worth it but your mind doesnt align. Want to know the reason? ♥️➡️  need Guidance on how to handle the situation you are in and to get back on the right path? ⚜️💞Let me help you with this and so much more.. ⚠️⚠️ DISCLAIMER : False reviews will be reported from now on! When you put up a false review due to not being able to hear the truth or dont have the patience to endure what is predestined then I have to report. There will be proof in our conversation that will show the truth. If you want the sugarcoated versions do NOT pick me as your advisor. There are plenty who will please your ears for your amusement🙏😊. Regardless of me wanting to help everyone there are some readings I can not provide. which are : • Health diagnoses and issues • Timeframes • legal issues • pregancy results or lottery • carreer • someone else's husband or wife. I can help you with providing answers concerning the emotions and intentions. But I am unable to guide you to the married man or wife. This due to me having certain beliefs. No djudgement at all !! But I am unable to do these kind of readings.


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