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Remember: Limit yourself to asking a maximum of 2 questions per reading. 🌸 Services - Spiritual Guidance - Relationship Coaching - Understanding your spiritual gifts - Personal Growth & Expansion 🚫No Timeframes “Please don't ask” 🚫No Career readings 🚫No Third-Party questions 🚫No Lost items 🚫No Lottery winning questions 🚫No. What are they thinking 🚫No. What does my partner look like Purple Policy 🚫No Pregnancy or health questions 🚫No Legal matter questions 🚫No Curses/ B. Magic FOR ALL SERVICES: Include Birth Given Names. 💜 We encourage you to ask up to two questions per video order so that we can provide thorough answers. Please be specific when asking your questions, as withholding information can hinder our ability to get clear answers for you. 💛 Spirit guides do give guidance to help you heal moving forward. 💗 The text box clarifies a question or one follow-up question. 🧡 Before leaving a bad review, ask for clarification. I am here to help you. 💚 Be open-minded. People have free will, and energy does shift, ❤️ I will NOT sugar coat my insight; if you are looking for an advisor to tell you what you want to hear, please don't choose me. During a reading, it is answering questions to help you understand what is happening in the present moment and how you can move forward along your path.


Angel insights, Love readings

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