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💞PLEASE READ MY ENTIRE PROFILE AND MY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CONNECTING WITH ME! NOT FOLLOWING MY TERMS OF SERVICE LISTED IN MY PROFILE OR MY ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN REJECTING YOUR READING!💞 First of all, Welcome to my page! I look forward to connecting with every one. Please understand that my Terms of Service are listed on my profile and ordering instructions to protect my energy, and my time. It is not to be mean! Just an FYI... my time frames are not perfect! I usually hear time frames in numbers, so please keep this in mind when asking for a time frame on something. If you're ordering a rush reading, or standard reading, please limit to 3 questions. Three minutes is not a long time to answer more than that. 🛑 Please do not ask your questions the following way: Will my POI contact me and when and how will they contact me and what will happen when they contact me? My friends that's 4 separate questions. Do not try to do that and pass it off as one question or your reading will be rejected immediately. ✅ Correct way to ask: Will (insert name here) contact me? Can you tell me when they will contact me? You get the picture, right? ❌Do not get upset when you're not told what you want to hear. I am not that type of reader so be prepared to hear the truth. If you're not ready for it, then I'm not the reader for you. Secondly, when I give advice, this is advice coming strictly from spirit. it is NOT my personal advice. I'm literally giving you the tools you need to get the outcome you want. If you're not willing to take the advice, then don't take it out on me when you don't get the outcome that you're looking for. I may be blunt, but as I said, be prepared to hear the truth. 🌟 I will be happy to answer up to 2 questions after your reading to clarify something that was misunderstood. 🌟 I am happy to do Tarot, yes/no questions, strictly intuitive. 🌟 I am happy to help with relationships, career, future. 🌟 Unfortunately, I am not allowed to make predictions on COVID-19. Do not ask me about election results or politics of any kind. Thank you. 🌟 For the time being, I will not do time frames unless spirit gives me a time frame clearly. 🌟 If you need help growing your own intuitive abilities, I am happy to help! ❌❌ READ BEFORE ORDERING!❌❌ While everyone's questions are important to me, It's fair for me to protect myself as well. ❌AFTER THE READING, DO NOT: -Bombard me in the comments section! I will be happy to answer 2 questions after the reading. -DO NOT try to threaten me with a bad review for not answering questions in the comments. Support will be notified. Although I will be happy to answer 2 questions, I will not tolerate abuse from anyone. ❌ I am under NO OBLIGATION TO, WILL NOT answer questions to, and WILL NOT accept future orders if any of the following listed below is done, or if you ask me any questions regarding the following listed below: -Answer any questions in the comments section after the reading. I am not under obligation to do so. If I feel for any reason whatsoever that you're being abusive, I will not answer you and contact support. - I will not accept your Future orders if you leave me a negative review (even if the negative review comes with a smiley face!) - I will not accept your order if your questions involve: sexual fantasies, lottery numbers, school exam results, medical, legal, phone numbers, addresses, job interviews, what he or she likes about your body/about you sexually, Politics, COVID-19, Child custody battles, divorce predictions, Who the next President is going to be, Arrest/Jail sentences, Taxes, Medical exam results. ✋ Ladies and gentlemen, what goes on in the bedroom is none of my business. Please do not ask me questions related to someone's private parts. They are called private parts for a reason guys. ✋ I understand that with everything going on, you may be frustrated, but I am not a punching bag and refuse to be treated as such. I'm human too, after all. 💘 Thank you so much for understanding! These rules are in place to protect my energy, my space and my time. Please respect them! All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Any questions you have regarding legal/medical issues, MUST be directed to legal/medical professionals only!


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