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Welcome! I am Cassidy the Cardslinger, Certified Tarot Reading Professional & Card Reader Extrodinaire 🌟Please read below to know how to get the best out of a session with me! 🌟 I offer readings that provide highly detailed and specific information and guidance pertaining to your unique situation and questions. I specialize in card reading and use my skills and abilities to bring forth clear answers to give you the power to make informed decisions. The style of my readings is very practical, pragmatic and straightforward. I believe the best way to show compassion in a session is to be clear and honest with exactly what is being shown to me. I am very experienced at reading on a varitey of topics, including but not limited to: love life, work/career/buisness, study & education, interpersonal relationships (friends, family, etc.) and important life decisions. You will reveive honest, practical, and unbiased information from a compassionate, dedicated, and experianced reader. Here’s what to expect from a reading with me: I will share with you exactly what I see from the cards - nothing will be sugar coated or watered down, as I feel like doing so would be a disservice. 🕯3 Minute Regular & Rush Readings🕯 During the video, I will review the specific question or questions you have asked to ensure I have answered exactly what you are wanting to know. I will select or design a spread for your reading that will provide you with the most detailed and comprehensive information regarding your unique situation. 🕯 Live Readings 🕯 If you have multiple questions and/or are looking for a more in-depth reading, I recommend a live reading session. Please come to the with your question(s) ready so we get to the heart of the matter quickly and save you time and money! You can place a 24hour reading to provide information and set up a time for a live session if I am offline. ‼️ Please note: My readings do NOT cover the following topics:‼️ 🚫 Physical Health (including pregnancy) 🚫 Legal / Financial Matters 🚫 Missing Objects or Persons 🚫 Mediumship 🚫 Twin Flames / Soulmates 🚫 General Readings ‼️Please seek elsewhere for these topics‼️ ⏳Note on timing: I am often able to tap into how events are projected to unfold in various timelines, but do remember that timing is fluid and is always subject to change as future events and outcomes fluctuate based on your conscious efforts and actions. 🌟For this reason, TIMELINES ARE NOT GUARANTEED! 🌟 When placing your order: ⭐️ Please provide your first name and the first name of anyone you are asking about ⭐️ Please ask a specific question (🚫 NO general readings!) and provide any relevant background information to allow me to better connect to you and your situation. ⭐️ Two questions maximum on one topic per 3 minute reading. Upon leaving a review, I will answer up to one clarification question about the reading in the comments 🕊 📝 NOTE: I will prioritize questions in the order they are asked, therefore if you have more than 2 questions I will try my best to get them answered but they may require another booking. If you need a more in depth reading, lets connect on a live feature! Follow-up and additional questions will require a follow-up booking. Please note, if I am available for Rush or Live services, I may be slower to respond as I continue to read for other orders. ⭐️ Please ask specifically *exactly* what it is you want to know. This will save you time and money and ensure that you get the answers you are most deeply seeking. 🌟 If you would like a clarification question answered in the chat after your reading has been delivered, please leave a review of your session and then send me your clarification question in the chat and I will respond as soon as I can 🕊 ‼️Please note:‼️ - If you leave a negative review or contact me in such a manner that is disrespectful to myself or my services, I reserve the right to reject future orders from you. 🚷 My readings are suited to those who are ready and willing to hear the truth 💎 🚫 I absolutely will not comment on the guidance or predictions you have received from another psychic or reader.


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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