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Hello! I am a very skilled tarot reader, always hear clients say that i describe the situation with a lot of accuracy. I am told that predictions come to pass all the time. I can tell you what’s going on behind doors and tell you what’s coming for you and what you should know about your situation that you need to know to move forward and fulfill your desires :) Typically, i can answer one to two follow up questions in the message box after a live session. I learned tarot from watching my mom do it my whole life. She has never ever not been accurate, with situations and predictions. She taught me: do not ask the same question more than once because the answers will start to be all over the place. **I do not give specific time frames** but I can tell you if something is close to happening or delayed. I am super duper honest with what i see in my readings and it is really for you to have the right information about your situation. Come with an open mind. I will tap into your guides for the answers that you seek. Also, I will tell you if something is blocking what you want. Destiny isn’t fixed, what comes to you has to do In large part with how you feel about a situation and what you think about it. I can help you change that narrative so that you also get what out want in life :)


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