Tarot Reading,Vedic Astrology,Numerology
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About my services

● I do an in-depth analysis of your situation and deliver an empowering and positive outcome as per Numerology, Astrology and Tarot thus guiding you through obstacles in the past which may be holding you back at the present, and guide you with the necessary Remedies related to Numerology, And Astrology which can brighten up your future !!! ● I can suggest you with the minor changes in the name (if required) as per Numerology which can bring major positive changes in your life ! ● I can guide you for enlightened future, can bring you out of misfortune, can simplify your woes and help you carve your niche of prosperity. Together these help you direct your future to where you want to go. ● I can connect with your deceased love ones and let you know their messages, concerns and their feelings. ● I can also connect with Animals and their health, thoughts & Desires with tarot.


Psychic readings, Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings

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