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Psychic, Tarot, Oracle, & Pendulum Reader. Specializing in Spirituality, Love, & Life. *PLEASE only ask 3 questions, I DO NOT predict time (as free will always changes timelines and universe does not work in linear time as we do)* During your reading I will help you understand what the Universe is trying to tell/show you. With my gifts & tools of divination, I am able to tap into the energy and communicate with your Spirit Guides, so I may bring forth messages from Spirit. I can advise you in all matters of life, bringing you clarity, guidance, & support! ** I do not sugar coat any readings so please be open to messages as their are coming through from Spirit for you. They may not always be what you WANT to hear. I DO NOT predict pregnancy, legal matters, or TIME frame (free will always can change time). NO mediumship, no finding lost objects**


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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