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WITH SO MANY AMAZING GIFTED PSYCHICS ON THIS SITE PLEASE FIRST READ MY DESCRIPTION TO SEE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHOOSE ME. 🛑 IMPORTANT: I am reading what I pick up, not what others have told you. So please take it with an open mind. If I do say something totally different from another readers reading treat it as a see what happens. I have many clients who are regulars who once did not believe what I had said due to other readings and have then come back to me. ⭕️⭕️I would also like to note if you are getting readings after readings on the same scenario without much of a wait between. I would suggest you really sit on your own intuition because you maybe going against it if you have to check with numerous readings to make sure it’s all the same prediction and in line, it’s showing that you know something is not right regarding the situation but you want to ease your fear. It’s extremely important you pace the readings for your own mental health as it can start causing you to live in more fantasy then reality. I am writing this for your wellbeing, as I have seen what it can do to people. ⭕️⭕️ Please also note some readings may not make much sense at the time of the reading. Take the time in message to gain clarity, but please don’t try and take advantage of me by asking more questions. Then sit with it for 24 - 48hrs and re look at the reading before a negative review. Respect me like I respect you 💖 Things to keep in Mind: 🌟Nothing is set in stone, all psychics who have an ability will tell you this. You have many paths not one, you have power to choose your path. Which then predicts your future. 🌟Regarding anyone else they also have their own power on their paths. Depending on questions asked I like to give you the paths that I see. Most psychics give you the strongest. I like to empower people and give options. I will tell you what you are on and also what you can do to switch it. That is how I use my gifts, I see blocks and paths and help guide others through them. I don't always read all paths if it's on the path the person wants or the questions asked are pretty straight forward such as how are they feeling. I understand that some of these readings can be emotional as our hearts are in certain outcomes but please keep an open mind and heart. I am not here to crush your dreams. Spirit works in Truth Your own intuition is more powerful than any other psychics, so go with your own intuition Always but please know the difference between Ego and Intuition xx I am a natural born psychic. My readings are straightforward, honest and non judgemental. I use my gifts to guide people in the answers they seek and to help understand their situation. I purely say what is said to me or what I see hear and feel, and rarely will I put my own interpretation to it, as mine and yours maybe different. I will just say what I am getting. Please be aware I am just saying what is passed on to me, it may not be what you want to hear. I do not do fairytales, so if you are asking me if you will win a million dollars and I say no please do not hold that against me you can simply say well we will see. I can not guarantee the outcome predicted will come in the timeframe I give, sometimes it does vary. There is many paths you can walk at any given time and you can shift the current path your on. Anticipating a timeframe can also push it away more. I am reading what path you are currently on. I only read for up to 6 months as I have found the longer the time the less likely the predictions are to come true. I can hear, see and feel things when reading someone. I don't read from birthdates, first names are fine. The more direct the questions the more direct answers you will receive. I have fun doing readings and hope you experience that also. 💖 PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOW BE LIMITING TO ONLY 2 CLARITY MESSAGES AFTER VIDEO READINGS. This is due to those who are purchasing the live chat and live calls. I feel this is fair to those who are paying for those methods of delivery. 24 HOUR READINGS - With the option of 24hrs and 1hr delivery. If you do order the 24hrs even if I am online for the 1hr reading, it still is a few hours turn around as I have to do the 1 hour reading first. I limit the readings I do each day so it is clearer. It does take a lot of energy so I will serve the 1 hours all first and then come back to the 24 hours once I regain my energy. Your 24hr reading will be done however it may take up to 20 hours turn around. PLEASE ALSO NOTE, I am not on here often as I do have my own business outside of this, and other commitments, 👉🏼 if you would like a reading from me and I don’t have my 24 hour option on please follow me with the bell button 🛎 (Top of profile) and then press the push button. I will then come back as soon as possible and either put on the 24hrs or one of the other options. The follow bell will notify you when I am on so you can put your reading through. Thank you for your understanding. x


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