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✒️✒️ Psychography - Automatic writing is my strongest method of communication. The flow uninterrupted allows me to deliver many divine and prophetic messages. I write furiously and with intent to deliver. Text Chat and messages following video orders are most prevalent. Please come with an open mind and understand - all messages given may not come in the format you expect, however, they are necessary messages for you at this moment. Divenly provided messages for your divine guidance - in your best interest and for your best outcomes. ✒️✒️ ⚓ Egos are limited to best receive what is for you. ⚓ 🔮 Intuitive Tarot Card Reading: I utilize tarot cards while I meditate and focus on my client and their question(s). As I channel - - any and all messages received are given. Thereafter, I utilize the tarot to clarify and confirm specific messages received 🔮 Life Success/Purpose Coach: I work with my client to improve the quality of their life as a whole or in any particular "problem" area. Through dialogue, inquiry, goal setting, accountability, and general motivational techniques, but most importantly, I provide unbiased support and intuitive guidance. 🪄Certified Tarot Mastery Teacher 🪄Certified Shamanic Life Coach 🪄 Certified Healthy Boundaries Coach 🪄 Certified Crystal Healing Coach 🪄 Certified Color Therapy Coach 🪄 Certified Imagery Therapy Coach 🪄 Certified Energy Healing Therapy Coach 🪄 Certified Law of Attraction Teacher 🪄 Certified Meditation Teacher 🪄 Certified Manifestation Through Visualization Teacher 🪄 Certified Mindfulness Teacher 🪄 Certified Emotional Intelligence Teacher ⚡ Empath ⚡ Intuitive ⚡ Clairsentient ⚡ Claircognizant ⚡ Clairaudient 💥 Psychography 💥 ❣ Time frames are never a guarantee ❣To ensure all follow up questions are answered immediately, kindly place a follow up order. If you have a tremendous amount of follow up questions and or want to discuss topics that are unrelated - it is best to place a follow up order. Post chat follow ups are a bonus not an obligation.


Angel insights, Relationship coaching, Psychic readings

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